What makes Michael Mirdad different from other Spiritual Teachers?

Michael Mirdad is the author of numerous bestselling books. He is commonly referred to as “a teacher’s teacher and a healer’s healer,” having four decades of experience facilitating thousands of lectures and classes and leading sacred sites tours throughout the world. He teaches on the various spiritual disciplines of the world (e.g. Christianity, Buddhism, the 12 step program, etc.) and is often said to have a similar vibration of Yogananda or an ascended master, and yet he is delightfully simple and has a great sense of humor. Michael not only teaches on an unsurpassed number of topics but also weaves them together, demonstrating the connectedness of all subjects and beliefs, while making God (and the awakening of Christ Consciousness) the common thread.

Here are several other things that set Michael apart from other authors and spiritual teachers:

  • He is considered to be one of the most effective and diverse intuitives (psychics), healers, and spiritual counselors.

  • He is considered by many to be one of the world’s best teachers of A Course in Miracles.

  • He knows and teaches nearly every healing art and has created advanced healing and counseling techniques including: Tracking and the Soul-Level Healing Process.”

  • He does hundreds of spiritual healing, life-guidance and counseling sessions per year.

  • He has been the spiritual leader at Unity of Sedona for over 10 years and there, he created one of the most successful New Thought spiritual centers (churches) in the world—with a consistently full house and one of the largest and most successful chaplain programs.

  • He has been the guiding and driving force behind numerous ground-breaking projects and events related to the healing, personal growth, and New Age movements (such as conferences, movies, concerts, and more).

  • He was the first to use the term Lightworker,” which has now grown to become a common term.

  • He has been featured in films, and is noted in over a dozen books by other authors.

  • He perfectly blends ancient and modern wisdom and does so with modern language and an approachable style.

  • He created “middle-path tantra” a healthy form of sacred sexuality that balances the two opposite extreme paths of tantra: religious tantra and sexual tantra.

  • He is thought to be the first person to do movie reviews on spiritual movies (which he did in his newsletters in the mid-1980’s).

Michael Mirdad has the unique ability to tap into the universal consciousness to spontaneously teach from a diverse repertoire (such as the examples in this partial list):