The Power of Conscious Prayer 2022


Online Workshop with Michael Mirdad

Sunday, February 13th,
from 12:00pm to 4:00pm (Arizona Time).

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Online Courses, Workshops and Intensives

Here is a list of online courses, workshops and intensives with Michael Mirdad. You can start these courses at any time online. New lessons become available each week and consist of video, audio and written materials available on the course website.

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One Day Workshops


Hands on Healing

Learn basic techniques for hands on healing, including:

* Hands-on healing techniques
* Sensing physical and emotional imbalances around the body
* Aura balancing
* Chakra balancing


The Power of Conscious Prayer

An online workshop on conscious prayer.

Learn about the various levels of prayer, as well as how to use prayer for healing mind, body, and soul. Prayer can also be used to improve finances, relationships, and to implement forgiveness, which helps to manifest miracles of every kind.


Advanced Skills in Spiritual Counseling

This is a one-day online workshop developing skills in spiritual counseling.

* Work you can do on yourself or others
* Essentials of being a healthy healer
* Individual and couples counseling techniques
* Essentials of working on relationships
* Tracking personal issues and patterns
* Techniques for healthy communication


Exploring Your Past Lives

A 3-hour Workshop with Michael Mirdad

All students on the spiritual path eventually come across the concept of reincarnation—which basically states that all causes have an effect (all actions have an equal reaction). And if a person passes away from this life without fulfilling the effects of his/her actions/causes, then they are bound to reincarnation in order to fulfill the karma, as well as to manifest the gifts attained in previous lives.


Exploring Relationships, Intimacy, and Sexuality

A 3-hour Workshop with Michael Mirdad

The most consistently challenging aspects of life for people in the mainstream AND self-help communities are related to relationships, intimacy, and sexuality. One of the main reasons these topics remain on everyone’s mind is because there is so little by way of accurate and effective understanding and techniques for improving our personal, intimate lives. This workshop not only helps you to further understand yourself and your relationships with others, but also explores the realms of intimacy and sexuality—deepening our most sacred interactions.


You’re Not Going Crazy…You’re Just Waking Up

In this workshop, world renowned spiritual teacher and author, Michael Mirdad, explains why the challenges in your life (and in your soul) may make you feel as though you’re “going crazy.” But he explains how these challenges are merely a natural part of the soul’s awakening process. Michael discusses the specific ‘Five Stages of the Soul Transformation Process’ and shares insights as to how such challenges (including the “dark night of the soul”) lead to a “Light at the end of the tunnel,” wherein we gain a new perspective of our life, our self, and our purpose.


Exploring “The Shack” Experience

Authors/teachers Paul Young and Michael Mirdad take you on a healing journey into a new life filled with the results of practicing love and forgiveness.

Using “The Shack” (Paul’s best-selling movie and motion picture) as a personal metaphor for each attendee, we will move through our own life experiences and traumas, bringing them to peace and healing.


Navigating the Spiritual Path

This workshop integrates two of Michael Mirdad’s primary teachings, as found in his books The Seven Initiations Initiations on the Spiritual Path and You’re Not Going Crazy . . . You’re Just Waking Up!

The workshop covers key concepts to assist you on the spiritual path, including the Five Stages of the Soul Transformation Process, wherein you gain a new perspective of your life, yourself, and your purpose. The Soul Transformation Process assists you in rising to new levels of spiritual mastery.

Consciously-Co-Creating a New Life

Consciously Co-Creating a New Life

There comes a time when every beginner or advanced student on the path is ready to take their life to a new level. The path to a fulfilling life has two parts: healing the past and re-building the future.

This is not just another class for improving your life, but instead is possibly the best program on this topic ever created. This in-depth online course, which is efficient and yet powerfully effective, guides you to co-create the best life possible through a series of live interactive class sessions and online study materials.


Creating Fulfilling Relationships

It’s time to learn how to have a fulfilling, loving, and healthy experience in every area of life, including relationships.

Michael Mirdad will lead you through a four-week course designed to improve numerous aspects of your life and relationships. Michael will cover topics related to all forms of relationships, ranging from friends and partners to work-mates and family members. You will gain the equivalent of years of relationship work and study, as well as self-healing.

Seven Initiations on the Spiritual Path

The Seven Initiations on the Spiritual Path

The Seven Initiations on the Spiritual Path tells us that we are all “spiritual beings.”

Therefore, every path we walk is a spiritual path. The only difference is whether or not we are conscious participants on our journeys. Being conscious offers a quantum leap forward on these evolutionary journeys and allows us to learn life’s lessons the “easy way” versus the “hard way.” You will no longer see your life through a dark glass. Your mind will be opened, your heart released, and your spirit expanded far beyond their ordinary boundaries.


Four Week Courses


The Dark Night of the Soul

The “Dark Night” is a period of our lives when our soul has decided that it’s time for us to journey within, so we can discover what parts of us need to be healed, transformed, and/or released.

This latest online course not only helps you to better understand and navigate the “Dark Night” but also explains how to reach the “Light at the End of the Tunnel” and how to bring that Light into the world and into the lives of others.


Love and Forgiveness

This is not just a course about love and forgiveness. It certainly clarifies these topics, but more importantly, it takes us through the process of loving and forgiving.

So you will come to understand and experience what love and forgiveness truly are and are not. You will come to know that love is who we are, and that forgiveness is what love does. In effect, you will become far more the embodiment of love and forgiveness—which is our most important purpose on earth.


The Revelation of Our Divine Self

This one-of-a-kind online course offers the deepest studies one can imagine in an online course.

We will explore the most important book ever written for understanding the actual process of awakening to the Inner Christ or our Divine Self. We will learn how to translate the Book of Revelation to uncover the predictions for our literal future, as well as how to translate the Revelation to understand our spiritual unfoldment. This course will NOT be just heard but will actually be experienced.


Healing the Heart & Soul

Healing the Heart & Soul offers the essential ingredients for personal life transformation, as well as  understanding why some people don’t seem to heal.

It covers the roles of forgiveness, mirroring, and miracles in healing. Then it shares the specific technique of the five-step, Soul-Level Healing Process that will uncover the “real” cause (or causes) hidden behind any particular challenge or problem (physical, emotional, mental, financial, and even within relationships),  making room for true transformation and healing.


Four Day Intensives


Mastery and Healing Intensive

A 4-Day Intensive for those who are prepared to live a life of fulfillment—a life of mastery!

You will never find a single event that offers so much! In this one workshop, you will discover how to get clearer guidance, receive and develop healing skills, experience many amazing teachings and insights, love and trust yourself, create fulfilling relationships, and live a life that reflects your higher self in mind, body, and soul.


Awakening Christ Consciousness 2021

This course is a 4-day online intensive with live interactive online classes over Thanksgiving weekend.

This 4-day intensive workshop—focusing on “Awakening Christ Consciousness”—is so popular, it’s been offered every year for over 20 years. And because so many people around the world always want to attend, we offer it as an online event. It covers advanced spiritual concepts and profound levels of application, such as learning to live a life that reflects your higher self in mind, body, and soul. The event also covers initiations into Christ Consciousness through the rarely understood mystery teachings of Jesus (some of which were transferred to Mary Magdalene and the Apostles of Jesus) and includes a spiritual baptism. If you are interested in more details, please read our detailed description AND the testimonials gathered over the years. READ MORE


12 Week Course


The Heart of A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles is possibly the most important expression of spiritual consciousness of our time, and is part of the foundation of nearly every spiritual teacher today.

Nevertheless, many students  find the numerous interpretations of the Course to be too intellectual and confusing. This course introduces the 12 primary concepts of the Course in a powerful, clear, and applicable manner. It brings the heart and soul back in to the Course – as it was originally intended.


48 Hour Devotional Weekend


48 Hour Devotional Weekend

This is a 48 hour devotional experience that you can join (watch & experience) on the same days and hours as the rest of us OR at any time that it’s convenient for you.

Each hour (throughout the 48 hours) we will share a live prayer and an inspired/channeled message with all of you. If you miss any of these moments while they are live (as that will likely be the case when you are asleep or at work), you can go back at any time and watch the presentations you missed.


Year Long Courses

Ascension Into Christ Consciousness

Ascension Into Christ Consciousness

This is a 12-month online workshop on Christ Consciousness. All lessons are recorded so you can watch anytime at your convenience.

Students on the spiritual path who are dedicated to achieving the highest level of consciousness possible—Christ Consciousness–are welcome to join us for this 12-month course in personal transformation. This course will meet online once per month for a complete immersion into the lesson for that particular month.

A Course in Spiritual Awakening

A Course in Spiritual Awakening

This course is a year-long online intensive with live interactive online classes throughout 2020, but you can take the prerecorded lessons anytime at your convenience.

This year long online course helps you to navigate the spiritual concepts of A Course in Miracles, including its deeper, hidden elements, and also explains the overall intention/teachings of Christ Consciousness. These studies are sure to create a major shift in our Spiritual Awakening—as individuals and as a group.