Youre Not Going Crazy, Youre Just Waking Up by Michael Mirdad

You’re Not Going Crazy…You’re Just Waking Up!

The Five Stages of the Soul Transformation Process

This book explains why the challenges in your life (and in your heart) may make you feel as though you are going crazy. The Five Stages of the Soul Transformation Process guides you through such challenges and leads you to the light at the end of the tunnel; wherein you gain a new perspective of your life, yourself, and your purpose. The soul transformation process includes: dismantling, emptiness, disorientation, re-building, and a new life. This process assists you in rising to new levels of spiritual mastery where you become an active participant in re-building a new life, a life that resonates with your highest good.

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Reviews of You’re Not Going Crazy… You’re Just Waking Up!

A beautifully-package and well-written book by a modern-day spiritual master!

I’ll repeat myself by saying that this is a beautifully-package and well-written book by a modern-day spiritual master. It is simple, yet profound with lots of subtle bits of humor sprinkled in. This is a book of ancient wisdom told with modern terms like “download this into your mind.” This

Steve Nakamoto - Author of Talk Like A Winner - Men Are Like Fish - Dating Rocks - Wall Street Craps

A Gem

This is a gem of a little book for anyone who has been diagnosed as depressed or is consciously journeying through a dark night of the soul. Very simply written and easily understandable. Highly

Diane O'Sullivan

Much Needed Insight

I read this book during a hard time in my life, when everything seemed to fall apart and just as the title implies, I thought I was going to go crazy! One thing after another, without any rhyme or reason, and I just couldn’t understand! This book greatly helped me

Kay M

Michael Mirdad Renowned Spiritual Teacher Gifts Us with another Literary Gem

“Waking up” can be a difficult process when you do not have expert spiritual guidance to transform your fears, old paradigms, and patterns. Dr. Michael Mirdad takes you by the hand and gently guides you through your transformational process with his world renowned, one-of-a-kind spiritual gifts, and down to earth

Barbara Rose

You’re Not Going Crazy….You’re Just Waking Up!

I found this to be an incredibly focused little book with a HUGE message. This is a pointed, direct, yet charming easy-to-read manuscript that touches and moves the soul on so many levels. The pages are colorfully dressed with many spiritual reminders that we are all, indeed, “waking up” to

Amazon Customer

A wonderful book by an amazing teacher

This book is for anyone feeling like their world is quickly changing at a head-spinning rate. I found I was having many “symptoms” of a spiritual awakening and sometimes I was feeling not so spiritual! This light book gave me a sense of calm… a sense of “oh, I’m not

Amazon Customer

your not going crazy…your just waking up the five stages of soul transformation process

dr. michael mirdads book,has helped me to understand that there is an easy way,and a hard my life i had chosen the hard with his book,i am learning to choose the easy also has helped me to realize that i am not crazy,and there are other people

Steven G. Mccullough

You’re Not Going Crazy

This book is very concise and comforting. It gives life lessons in an easy format and reaffirms the progress you have made in life already. I recommend all Michael’s books and

K. Kirschner

Undergoing Changes in Your Life?

“You’re Not going Crazy” is a learner’s manual for being a human on planet Earth where change is the “name of the game.” Who has not experienced various degrees of angst from wanted or unwanted changes? Michael Mirdad gives a “blow by blow” description of the psychological/emotional/mental processes all of

Lynne Matous

I openly use this book in my practice and give it away as a resouce!

As a hypnotherapist, clients come to me often as a last resort saying, “my life is falling apart and I don’t know what else to do.” I too was in a “dark night of the soul” when Michael Mirdad’s “You’re Not Going Crazy You’re Just Waking Up” book was recommended

Jennifer Jardine

Thank heaven I am not going crazy!

What a brilliant and powerful little book. This is a potent and concise description of the stages one goes through as they walk through soul transformation. What a relief it was to find that I was not alone in the things I was experiencing in my journey to “enlightenment”. I

Bella Rae

A perfect handbook for transformation

I cannot remember how many copies of this book I have bought, because I keep giving my most current copy away. It is the human condition to change and transform ourselves and our lives, the bigger shifts in our consciousness can be frightening. We tend to think there is something

Lesley Fouche

This book is a gem!

This latest book by Michael Mirdad is definitely a gem! It is concise and yet thorough. I have read it through a few times and still look up aspects of it again.I hadn’t realized there were actual, definable steps to learn from within certain events I was labeling as failures,

Christine Decker

You’re Not Going Crazy…

This could easily be referred to as a pocket guide to ‘Life’. A spiritual navigation through the bumpy roads we endure written beautifully from a true Master. It describes what we are experiencing in a way we can grasp a true understanding of ‘why’ we experience the things we do

Nancy Perry

mirror on the wall

I first bought this book for a friend of mine; she was going through a tumultuous transition and I wanted to help… I should have known better, a week later, it was my turn! I ended up having to get her another copy! This book doesn’t erase scary feelings, it


you’re not going crazy…you’re just waking up!

A wonderful book. Easy to read and understand and yet so very profound. I go back and read passages over and over again and have given copies to my friends and

Linda P/Oregon

An “owner’s manual” for living through challenges

This book is wise and witty, much like Michael Mirdad himself. You’ll want to read through it more than once…savoring every word. It is an easy read that is full of insight…the prayers and exercises are tremendously helpful in guiding one through a dark time. It discusses the transformation process

T. Sue Collier

A Must Needed Spiritual Guide To Soul Development

Dr. Mirdad’s book has been absolutely essential in my counseling practice, for helping my client’s to understand the purpose of life’s tests. I have handed it to all age groups, spiritual backgrounds, and gender, and everyone seems to return with a comforting insight that they were not able to acquire

Marie Henry


Someone recommended this book to me. Fantastic! I love it. This is my first introduction to Michael Mirdad. Even though the book is only 90 pages, it is to the point about Soul Transformation. It explains so much of what I’ve been going through these last few years. I felt


You’re Not Going Crazy…You’re Just Waking Up!

The book has arrived safely to my address and is in good condition. I can’t remember I bought this book as second hand or brand new but the condition of the book is as new. It arrived on the day I was about to fly overseas so I pack this


A Pocket Guide for Life

Little books, compacted packets of essential wisdom often call to me at the checkout counter at my local bookstore. I’ll grab one to add to a gift or because the title will speak to appease a lingering emotional angst. Once in hand, the little book will hold me for all

L. Libro



Glen Mowrey

You’re not going crazy…you’re just waking up

This book is for everyone in the world to help them navigate through every situation that seems to be confronting them. If you think you are going crazy…..READ

Janice Christ

Author stays in touch

I asked author to provide a sample and he did! Many thanks to author for ability to


Quick Fix

Did you ever have one of those times in your life that may have gone on for years where you struggled and struggled but you couldn’t seem to break free of some sort of thunder cloud that seems to follow you around? This book helps with that and it’s a


A concisely written tool for decoding your soul’s purpose!

I very much appreciate how Michael has taken 10’s of thousands of words of knowledge and “drawn a map” to simplify the journey to our soul’s happiest purpose! Just do the exercises – results are immediate. Thank you,


Going Crazy with Purpose

I have seen Michael a couple of times and heard him speak so very curious about the book. I know that the Course in Miracles is a Major teaching and yet at times it feels overwhelming . Appreciated his easy to understand interpretation of the material and application of the

Sue Ann

Great Book

What a surprise this one was. So short, but so insightful. I would recommend it to anyone who’s into spiritual or personal


Not Crazy

Boy, was this unexpected! The thesis is well presented and the five stages of spiritual transformation were well delineated. Before I was half-way through, I was writing down events from my past which proved Mirdad’s typology. This is a short enough book to make a re-read possible, and/or to re-read

Leslie in Florida

One of the best

One of the best little accompanying books to the ACIM lessons. Love this book and is an easy read and a


Five Stars

A powerful little book that’s right on

Beverly J. Oh

Exactly where I was at

This book helped me to feel at home with what I was going through and know it is all

Deborah Rose

A very good read if you’re at a point of reflection and …

A very positive spin on midlife transformation and midlife crisis. A very good read if you’re at a point of reflection and can really view the sometimes daunting changes in a positive

Dana Detrick of Serious Vanity Music

Motivating and Optimistic message.

Love it and shared it with several friends, a positive,optimistic outlook on


Five Stars

DP, United Kingdom

Five Stars

It’s a wonderful book, very comforting when going through this incredible

Wendy Askwith, United Kingdom

Five Stars

It’s a wonderful book, very comforting when going through this incredible

Wendy Askwith, United Kingdom

Short but very deep and essential for healing

A short but powerful book that is useful for healing and guidance under stress. A must read for knowers of a course in


Five Stars


Another great book by Michael Mirdad

Another great book by Michael Mirdad. The book incorporates concepts from A Course in Miraxles plus Michael’s own unique perspective. Very helpful, exactly what I

B Ellsworth

Simplify simplify simplify

A very complex, bottom of your soul calling, a stage of life truly frightening. But reading this book helped to simplify, bring humility and our true souls need to want to do it right, intelligent, thoughtful and


Five Stars

rachel hopkins, United Kingdom

This book has been great! If you’re looking for understanding of why things …

This book has been great! If you’re looking for understanding of why things happen in your life and what’s going on…this book is it. It has really helped transform my life in so many

Lorie Ann

Five Stars

Best book ever that helped me recognize and stop repeated behavorial patterns. TY Michael


I can highly recommend his book

The very idea that we all go through the ups and downs of life! Michael explains what happens to all of us and “wakes” us up to the idea that it is normal to go through the various bumps in the road that life IS! Having the opportunity to see

H B Warren

You’ll Love It!

This is a great book which will open up your heart to understand more about where you’re life is headed & that you are among others who are going through the same

C. F.

Thank you Michael Mirdad.

This book by Michael Mirdad brought me a wonderful sense of comfort like no other I have read on waking up. I have felt crazy but now I feel like I really am waking up. Thank


it’s an easy read and I personally but a few and give …

This book was a huge part of my awakening further, it’s an easy read and I personally but a few and give them to those going through ” the dark night of their

Laura Powers

This book will change your life! If you are …

This book will change your life! If you are going through the dark night of the soul, going through a life transformation or just feeling spiritually out of sorts, this thought-provoking book is a gentle and loving guide back to your inner light on the other side of your pain

Madonna Hamilton

it is so easy for us to think there is something we are …

Michael’s book was so eye opening for me as well as being heart opening. When we are in the midst of difficulties in our lives, it is so easy for us to think there is something we are doing wrong that is causing the challenges. It was a great reminder

Patricia Conte-Nelson

Not crazy, just transforming

I really thought I was going crazy until I read this book. Michael is a true modern spiritual teacher who helps you understand your heart and souls journey. Having had the honor of meeting personally with Michael and having him help me through my darkest night of the soul in

Amazon Customer

It was nice to know

It was nice to know, I am not the only one who has been experiencing craziness. A quick read, will read over again. Delivery very

Amazon Customer, Canada

Very clarifying, straight forward, and relatable

I definitely recommend this book to anyone going through the dark and confusing times of awakening. I found it very comforting and the exercises to be really

Kindle Customer


This book was amazing. The roadmap it provides, will help guide the user along life’s treacherous paths. It will guide you along the way, like a lantern in the

Josh R.

Powerful book

This small but mighty book packs a powerful spiritual punch. An important read for your soul during major life

James P, Canada

Highly recommended no matter where you are in the soul transformation process.

Amazing book. Came to me at the perfect time in my life and each soul transformation stage reflected the steps I had to go through. I love Michael’s quote and use of that great Yes song Changes from 90125 — “At some point, your life is going to fall apart,


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