Greetings everyone!

There are no words that can really describe how much love and appreciation we all share at our Sacred Sunday Services and at our spiritual center in general. This shouldn’t really be a surprise, considering our center focuses on celebrating the presence of Christ Consciousness.

And every week, the vibes and the presence of the Holy Spirit are so palpable that the teachings take us all to a new level of consciousness. But there was one talk a couple of weeks ago that had a uniquely high number of comments and questions, which was when we talked about the connection between “False Idols and Addiction.”

As a brief recap, I explained that the average person has simple hobbies and habits that can be quite fun and playful. But when we form attachments to these habits, usually due to our using the habits as a way of escaping deeper unhealed wounds or feelings, the attachments to those habits form into addictions. Then the addictions, if left on healed, will eventually become various forms of abuse—to ourselves or others.

What this means is that abuse is the poisonous fruit that comes from the vines of unhealthy attachments. But these fruits of rage do not blossom or form until someone tries to alter or take away whatever it is we were attached to. Keeping in mind that those attachments were formed as a means of escaping darker feelings. So it makes sense that it’s when someone tries to remove those covers, that we become enraged and abusive—to ourselves or others. It’s because they are somehow exposing our deeper wounds and issues—namely by removing their cover.

As explained in the Sunday talk, the solution is to learn to be more vulnerable and transparent about our having such wounds that would need such veils and covers that we would then get attached to, thus forming addictions. And once we are transparent about these, we can then practice the art of apologizing and making amends to anyone—including ourselves—who is adversely affected by our attachments and addictions and abuses.

This is how, in a practical way, we can bring healing to a wound that was once insisting on being veiled and medicated. This is healing and forgiveness in action.

Love & Light,
Michael Mirdad