It’s time for the Summer Solstice AND Father’s Day. This means it’s a time of Light and of fruition, which also means it’s a time to let our Light shine and bring forth our fruits/gifts.

As I mentioned in a recent Sacred Sunday Service, the condition of the world is really taking a toll on the consciousness and on the physical and mental health of the human race. There is an obvious, and a not-so-obvious heaviness that is affecting people so intensely that suicide is at an all-time high. But there is also a recent rise in people dying of “natural” causes. But it isn’t natural at all. People are dying, and taking their own lives, because they are “losing heart” or losing the “will to live.” And this is because the ego (including its evil form in the world) is now losing power and is fighting tooth and nail to maintain its control (or its illusion of control) of the world.

Our job is to see through this, send love to those who are passing over (in whatever for that takes), and yet to continue shine our light. Of course we too might have moments of struggle and pain, at which point we should reach out and call in some support, because that darkness gets the best of us. But then, we have to come forth again and get back to shining our light. Doing so helps God to light up the dark places around the world and in people’s hearts and minds.

How is this done, you might ask . . . one of the simplest ways to know that we are fulling living the symbolism of summer, and bringing the Presence of the sun (Son/Child of God), is to ask ourselves this: Have we made a difference in anyone’s life today? And an even more specific question would be to ask: Have I brought forth a sense of hope into the world or into anyone’s life today? If the answer is no, it’s okay. Just try again tomorrow. If the answer is yes, soak that in, and soak in the gratitude that God Itself feels for you and your efforts to shine the Light of God into the world and its inhabitants.

Love & Light, Michael Mirdad