Tracking Exercise

Michael Mirdads Tracking ExerciseTracking is an incredibly quick (yet powerful and effective) way to access the deeper issues behind nearly any issue, problem, illness, or crises. Anyone can learn to do tracking in a matter of minutes, but greater skills can be nurtured to enhance its effects. These skills include healing or counseling abilities and also intuitive abilities, which are an invaluable asset to any form of healing or healing work. 

1. Repeat the following to yourself, “I Recognize I am struggling with _______ (insert the issue of your concern).” This issue might be an illness, a challenge in a relationship, the inability to buy a new house, the loss of a job, etc. 

2. Then repeat, “I Accept that hidden behind this situation are some negative emotions, such as ___________, ________________, and _______________ (name approximately three negative emotions associated with the issue at hand, such as anger, sadness, frustration, betrayal, tiredness, etc.).” 

3. Then repeat, “I also Accept that there are other times in my life when I similarly have felt this way, such as _______________ (spontaneously fill in the blank with the most dominant memory of a person or incident in your life that similarly caused you to feel, most or all of, these same negative emotions).” Chances are, you have now “tracked down” something that was never healed to completion and is adding to or causing your current emotional crisis. 

4. Once you Accept this need for additional healing, the issue is now uncovered, and you can choose to do some deeper cathartic work to assist in releasing the memories and/or energy around these emotions and memories. Ideally, all of this healing work would be followed by some prayerful form of Surrender and Refilling with images and actions that depict A New Life and then Giving Thanks. 


The content of this worksheet contain excerpts from Michael Mirdad’s books and are copyrighted. You may download and use the worksheets for personal use only, for all other uses please contact Grail Productions for permission.