Daily Prayer and Meditation (Communion)

A Crucial Part of the Soul-Level Healing Process

Daily+Prayer+and+Meditation+(Communion)Daily Communion Exercise (Prayer & Meditation)This exercise is similar to the “Refilling Exercise” used as part of the Soul-Level Healing Process found in Michael Mirdad’s book: Healing the Heart & Soul. It is the most effective exercise to assist you with Refilling after any healing work OR for filling ourselves up with the Spirit of God each day–preferably every morning when you first wake up and at night just before you go to sleep. Also, this exercise is similar to what many shamans refer to as “dreaming the world into being.”

Whether we know it or not, our soul is always emitting a “vibe” (vibration)—even when we are unaware of it—that tends to attract people and/or experiences into our life that resonate to that vibe. This is commonly known as the Law of Attraction. The vibe might be positive, such as Peace, Creativity or Self-worth. Or it might be negative, such as Fear, Abandonment or Low Self-worth. In either case, we tend to attract back, that which we “put out there.” When we repeat a mantra (focus word) or affirmation, we are making a conscious choice to create the vibe we want, and therefore, in our life experience.

STEP ONE (FOCUS): Begin by selecting a mantra (Sanskrit word meaning, “mind focus”)—two words that feel right to you as your theme for creating a new life. These words are not unlike a chant or affirmation. If you need assistance selecting your words, keep in mind that they should be the opposite of what you have experienced in the past. For example, if you have had lots of rejection and poverty, you might focus on “Love and Abundance.” If you have experienced a great deal of trauma, you might focus on “Peace and Safety.” Also, make sure your words are not too similar to each other. For example, “Joy and Happiness” might be too similar. Choose from the examples below or make one up from your own inspiration:

Love | Peace | Happiness | Wisdom | Joy | Health | Safety | Prosperity | Serenity | Focus

Daly Prayer & Meditation (Communion)While inhaling deeply, imagine drawing light through the top of your head from the heavens(symbolizing God). On that in-breath, allow this energy to be drawn down into your heart-center, as you simultaneously concentrate on your two-word mantra. These words need to depict the new state of consciousness you desire, as you are programming your heart and soul with these new patterns.

After anchoring these qualities into your heart-center, exhale slowly as you allow the light to spread from your heart-center to every cell in your body, bathing you completely. As you do this, allow yourself to hear the words “And so it is.” Repeat this process approximately one or two dozen times. Again, as you draw the energy and vibration of your chosen focus words through your head, you are programming your mind with their meaning. When the energy enters your heart, you are reprogramming your heart and soul. Lastly, when you exhale and allow the energy to pass through your body, you are reprogramming the very cells of your body. Just this step alone, allows every aspect of your being to be reprogrammed with a new level of Spiritual Presence.

STEP TWO (VISUALIZE): Spend at least 5-10 minutes visualizing and feeling your life as you would like it to be. Look at each major aspect of your life (such as health, finances, relationships, and work). Ask yourself, “If I am indeed filled with ‘love and self-worth’ (or whatever words you’ve chosen), what would my life look and feel like (in each major category)?” Respond by visualizing and feeling the answer in a living form, as though it is already happening—right now. For example, if you were to choose to see yourself healthy, you might visualize and feel yourself exercising in a form that you enjoy (perhaps yoga). See yourself doing the yoga postures and feeling the effects in your body. This might include seeing and feeling your joints being more open and your body less stiff or sore. Whatever you visualize, be as clear, detailed, and vivid as possible and put feeling into it.

STEP THREE (GIVE THANKS): Always close such exercises by Giving Thanks in advance that anything you just imagined, while attuned to Spirit and aligned with your highest good, is already being brought into manifestation. An “attitude of gratitude” is a huge part of transforming our life. Giving thanks brings closure to the past and invites the future. It’s also a very effective way to let the universe know that we are done with former lessons and are ready for the next levels of our life.

STEP FOUR (LIVE IT): In addition to the aforementioned steps, be sure that every decision, action, and word that you choose from now on remains congruent (in alignment) as much as possible with your mantra (focus words) and with the new life for which you are praying. Your actions and decisions should add to, rather than subtract from, the nurturing of Love, Peace, Joy, and Abundance. If your actions are in alignment with, and contribute to, your long-term peace and happiness, they probably are the “right” decisions for you. If, however, such actions and decisions conflict with your long-term wellbeing, they’re probably not the best choices for you. In other words, make ALL of your daily life decisions match the feeling and meaning of your mantra. So, if your mantra is Self worth, you don’t say “yes” to a personal date that doesn’t feel right for your highest good. Or, if your mantra is Peace, you might say “no” to the option of watching a horror movie. This is how we define, choose, and develop personal boundaries. From this part of the exercise, you learn that to make the “right” decisions, you must learn to discover and nurture the ability to know what is “right” for you and at any given time. You no longer allow your family, your culture, your religion, nor anyone or anything outside yourself—and least of all your fears—decide what is right for you. Instead, your life is guided from the Peace, Love, and Self-worth that resides in your own heart and soul. Although it may sometimes seem difficult and/or foreign to you to follow your heart, it gets easier over time. Furthermore, the more you practice this, the better person you become. In exchange for these few minutes per day, you can become everything you were ever meant to be and finally experience the life you were meant to live.


The content of this worksheet contain excerpts from Michael Mirdad’s books and are copyrighted. You may download and use the worksheets for personal use only, for all other uses please contact Grail Productions for permission.