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Books Featuring Commentaries About Michael Mirdad


“Love Has Forgotten No One” by Gary Renard

The following is an edited except for the book “Love has Forgotten No One” by Gary Renard.

[In response to numerous articles by various authors and A Course in Miracles teachers who were criticizing Gary Renard and the success of his book, “The Disappearance of the Universe”]

In regard to the attack articles that had been written, […]

“Flicker of Light” by Barbara Anne Nixon

The following is an edited excerpt from “Flicker of Light”, a book released in Australia by Barbara Anne Nixon.
Barbara Anne is a respected resident of Wagga Wagga, Australia who believes her destiny is to help show humanity how to orchestrate world peace. This book details how she reached several epiphanies during her personal, spiritual journey […]

“Initiation into Miracles” by Nigel Taylor

The following are excerpts from the book, “Initiations into Miracles” by Nigel Taylor.
Nigel originally came from Perth Australia and after building a great deal of international recognition he moved to the United States. Nigel has passed through 45 lands, studying and teaching with cultures as diverse as the Australian Aborigines, Bedouins of the Middle East […]

“One Woman’s Journey” by Dawn Kelly

The following is an edited excerpt from the book, “One Woman’s Journey” by Dawn Kelly. The book is a pictorial story of a woman’s personal and spiritual journey through life. Dawn uses the metaphors of art and tai chi, combined with spiritual quotations to illustrate a woman’s self discovery and maturing process.

In 1999 I was […]

“Survival Instinct of a Woman” by Linda Gail

The following is an edited excerpt from “Survival Instinct of a Woman”. This book is a true story of a woman’s journey from a living hell of drugs and prostitution that culminates in a terrible skiing accident. However, this accident leads to an encounter with Michael Mirdad, leading her to discover a new life, a […]

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