The following is an edited excerpt from “Flicker of Light”, a book released in Australia by Barbara Anne Nixon.
Barbara Anne is a respected resident of Wagga Wagga, Australia who believes her destiny is to help show humanity how to orchestrate world peace. This book details how she reached several epiphanies during her personal, spiritual journey and describes how a private session with Michael Mirdad played such a huge role. Flicker of Light is expected to be part of a three-part series of books that will be made into movies.

With all that was occurring in my life, my friend decided to lend me Michael Mirdad’s audio set called, “The New Paradigm”. Michael is a very respected spiritual teacher from America. In it Michael says:

“When we were spirit, before being in human form, we all made an agreement to wake up on the date of 11:11.”

There it was, the numbers 11:11! Why was this message so important? I listened on, eager to discover what else this teacher could tell me about what I was going through.

“The convergence of 11:11 refers to the date of awakening for the Christ, all of us, all beings throughout time and throughout all creation. It refers to the time when we create a new reality.”

That’s what I’d been doing-creating my own new world. I kept listening, hungry for more…

Michael continued…”So we set our Christ watches (and our collective minds) to the date of 11:11. And so a few years ago, many of us started noticing the numbers 11:11 showing up on clocks, watches, and elsewhere. The manifestation of these numbers before our eyes was like an alarm going off because it was time to wake up-even though some of us are still trying to hit the snooze button. The alarm of 11:11 is to awaken our minds and open a doorway to bring in more light from Source into our system.”

Michael’s words made me reflect on Armistice Day, which is “Remembrance Day” and a time of truce or peace. The international day set aside for a minute’s silence on the 11th month and 11th day.

Now that I had been exposed to Michael’s teaching, I was very excited to hear that Michael was coming to my town in Australia. I was the first person to show up for his lecture and ended up booking a private session with him. During our session he did some healing and a reading for me. He amazed me with his compassion and accuracy.

He began by saying, “Your primary gifts are in communication and healing-emotionally and physically. Your primary challenges are to increase your personal creativity and you also need to trust your own guidance.”

I nodded. I was indeed learning to follow my own guidance, despite all the difficulties.

He continued, “You were in the Essene period, 2,500 years ago. Then you were in the early Christian period, (but this is the bombshell) and you traveled to the south of France with Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary.”

At that revelation, I started to cry. I was overcome with emotion, as it made so much emotional and spiritual sense to me. Tears were now running down my face as I explained, “Yes, she’s my friend.” It took me a moment to absorb this information but when I was ready, he continued…

“You worked with Hildegard Von Bingen of Germany, a Catholic Saint and learnt to accept mysticism. Now you are working with Mary MacKillop in Australia.”

Again, I was stumped for words. How could he know about all these connections that I knew in my soul were true? I could see that here was someone who I could talk to about my numerous spiritual experiences and ask the questions that no-one else seemed able to answer.

Am I Mary MacKillop reincarnated or her twin flame? I choked out.

“I don’t think I should answer that specifically, as you need to figure that out for yourself, but you are definitely one of them.”

I felt shocked at just how much extraordinary synchronicity was playing out in my life but I knew it could not be ignored.