The following are excerpts from the book, “Initiations into Miracles” by Nigel Taylor.
Nigel originally came from Perth Australia and after building a great deal of international recognition he moved to the United States. Nigel has passed through 45 lands, studying and teaching with cultures as diverse as the Australian Aborigines, Bedouins of the Middle East and the Masters of India. As he travels the world sharing love, light and wisdom, he has come to be referred to as a “teacher of teachers” and shares many stories of his insights and travels in his book, Initiations into Miracles.

It was 1998 and I was invited to be a speaker at a conference known as the Universal Lightworkers Conference. The moment my wife, Regina, and I entered that room, we crossed a barrier from one reality into another, from past to present, from judgment to acceptance. One by one, with arms outstretched and hearts open, they welcomed and embraced us. We felt as if we had found members of a long lost family.

Speakers such as Michael Mirdad, Gregg Braden, Doreen Virtue, Ken Page, Aluna Joy, Herman Muller, and Jani King delivered their messages over the weekend-several of whom I came to know very well. The energy in the room was electric. It was impossible for one to be there and not be influenced by such a potent force.

Unbeknownst to everyone else, I was deeply frustrated and had torn emotions as to what was truly happening. You see, I had, over the years, been able to help many others who had come to me for guidance, and yet here I was, unable to do more for the woman I loved so dearly and who was floundering in some form of physical, emotional, and spiritual torment.

When the event was over, I turned to one of the speakers, Michael Mirdad, to say goodbye. Before I could open my mouth, he had slapped his right hand firmly into my neck at the exact spot where I was recently told I had a “bone spur.” He held me tight and spoke to me with such a gentle, caring, and soothing voice. The gist of his message was that I had some work to do, and if I were prepared to do it, he would like to help me. We went off to the side, away from the others, and he spoke at length about what he saw happening in my life. That he was accurate was beyond question and that he was ready to help touched me deeply. He indicated something to me of which I was at that point oblivious. He said that at a point of great need and pain in his own life, not too long before, he had called on me (on the astral level) and I had been there for him. I knew that we were connected at the level of the Soul in a very powerful way, but I could not fathom how I had been of assistance to him when I was such a mess myself. It was inconceivable. He insisted that I have been there for him and that now he would like to be there for Regina and me. I was close to breaking down, so close in fact that I knew I had one of two options: Either break down with him, or leave the conference, for I could not hold myself up any more. I was ready to give up. When he had slapped my neck, I remember praying, “God, if you want to finish the job, do it now and then maybe there will be some respite.” He did not and the respite did not come, but the healing did.

Michael explained that he had been observing us at the level of our Souls and knew that we had moved into an experience commonly referred to as “the dark night of the soul.” He accurately depicted that we were both dying unto the old selves. Regina was paralyzed in her lower chakra and I was paralyzed in my throat chakra. This made enormous sense to me, since the throat chakra represents the capacity to speak one’s truth. If one cannot express one’s truth, the energy turns inward and begins to self-destruct, initially by blocking the energy at that level. That it should manifest as a bone spur, is neither here nor there, since everything has its genesis in the realm of the Spirit before it physically manifests. It may even have been a past life experience (karmic) come forward for healing. It matters not, but what does matter are the actions we take to resolve our issues. I was ready to receive and Michael was ready to give.

The healing commenced and went into the early hours of the morning, and to this day I can still accurately relive the effects of the intervention. Michael is a masterful teacher and a potent healer. By the time he had finished, I shifted from one who was near breaking to one who had fully broken open. Now I was ready to change and totally die unto the old, allowing for the resurrection of the new. Every center of my being, from the root chakra right through to the crown, was vibrating with wave after wave of energy pouring in and out. I saw myself in a circle of loving energy and, as we closed, I silently wept tears of relief.

Then, the next day, Michael asked me if I wanted him to do anything to help my wife. I suggested that maybe he could spend some time with her to offer counseling and healing. This he willingly did. A few hours later, I returned to my hotel room and she was ready to collapse into a deep sleep.

In the month of March ’99, Michael Mirdad felt a burning need to complete the healing he had begun with us. I have already expressed the depth of Michael’s commitment to us, but this visit truly says it all to me personally. That he was going to come had already been told to me in Spirit by Krishna. Yet it was more the nature of his visit that had the greatest impact on both Regina and myself. Michael flew across the states from Seattle to New Jersey and paid a last minute, premium fare flight just to spend three days in counseling with us. At a Soul level, I was very hesitant of his arrival, as also was Regina. But in our hearts we knew that the hesitancy we felt was a fear we needed to overcome. That which Michael brought to us was the gift of healing.

For three solid days, he worked on Regina directly and, as a result, he worked on me indirectly. He touched every button that could be touched and then found more. Regina was, at this stage, desperately sick, losing weight by the day, and going into the deepest recesses of her being. Michael worked with her to the core of her Soul. As he did so, every issue of security, love, worthiness, esteem, possession, release, sorrow, anger, guilt, and all of their brothers, sisters, children, and extended family came racing to the surface. Every time Regina went through one of these I did also, even if I was not present, for we are so inextricably linked in our Souls that if one feels emotion of any kind, the other feels it too. After his short but intense stay, Michael prepared to leave. In his parting, he took with him part of our hearts, for he came at a time of great need and truly, in the realm of the Soul, he performed a role that he has mastered over this and many other incarnations.

Finally, it was time for the scheduled CAT scan of my neck and the results proved very pleasing. My doctor indicated that apart from normal wear and tear there was no longer any sign of the bone spur or other dangerous bone sediment. Ever since the healings with Michael, I had known a significant shift occurred inside my neck. Whether there has been a dissolving of calcium or simply a healing, I cannot say. Again, the end result is what matters. We were all relieved and grateful.