The Goodbye Ceremony/Exercise

The 10-Steps to Cutting Cords & Closure


The Goodbye Ceremony is an invaluable part of the Soul-Level Healing Process found in Healing the Heart & Soul by Michael Mirdad. The purpose of the “Goodbye Exercise” varies from person to person. Some people need to say goodbye to a long lost friend, others to a deceased loved one, and still others, to someone who has behaved hurtfully.

Even though it can be a very painful decision and process, we all need to say goodbye to someone at some point in our lives. It means saying goodbye to someone with whom we have energetic connections, which is best done in an empowering ceremony. This ceremony should be heart-felt and not necessarily be repeated verbatim.

Begin by imagining (in the room with you) an image of the person to whom you need to say goodbye.

Then repeat the following:

1. “I am calling you _________ (insert name) into this room so I can share my feelings about our life and relationship.”

2.“My relationship with you has affected my life. It has affected my ________________ (name whatever areas of your life you feel have been affected, such as health, tension level, nervous system, finances, confidence, relationships, parenting, etc.).”

3. “My relationship with you confused me (name possible ways in which this relationship might have confused you, such as making you feel unloved or unlovable, leaving you without closure, etc.).”

4. “My relationship with you scared me (name possible ways in which this relationship might have scared you, such as the person’s anger causing you to feel frightened, abuses that might have scared you, unpredictable behaviors, etc.).”

5. “My relationship with you made me sad (name possible ways in which this relationship might have made you sad, such as the sadness arising from its ending, the person being gone, or the feeling that the relationship didn’t have to turn out the way it did, etc.).”

6. “My relationship with you also made me feel hurt and angry (name possible ways in which this relationship might have made you feel hurt and angry, such as through neglectful behaviors, physical abuses, selfishness, betrayal, etc.).”

7. “Again, our relationship has affected my life and it’s time to let go of the effects of our relationship. And to do that, I have to let you go. Today I am letting you go to a whole new level of completion.”

8. Now begin to watch the person’s image fade away over the next 30-60 seconds, as you repeat saying “Goodbye” to them three times, with 10-15 seconds between each repetition. Each time you say “Goodbye,” visualize the person fading more and more.

After the first repetition of Goodbye,” tell the person: “I am releasing you unconditionally and for all time.”

• After the second repetition, tell the person, “With you go all vows, debts, karma, agreements, and contracts between us.”

• After the third repetition, tell the person, “Even at the risk of your disappointment or disapproval (if this applies), I have to let you go.”

The final repetition also means an acceptance of this person’s failure to be or to do something you wanted him or her to be or to do (for example, to live longer, to “see” you, to be there for you, etc.). Vividly see the person’s image fading completely way.

9. Now take a moment to “feel” (a general feeling only, not a detailed visualization) what your life would have been like if you had not had to endure some of these hurtful losses or circumstances. Imagine how you might have been different (again, not in detail, but would you be a happier person, healthier, more relaxed, etc.).

10. Next, just as you began this ceremony by speaking to the person’s human, limited personality, you now repeat the following to the person’s soul: “I know that you are out there somewhere and can hear me. So I choose to now share with you that I know and affirm that in you there is a spark of God’s Light. This spark cannot die, be sick, be hurt or hurtful, or be addicted. This spark is the part of you made in God’s image, and it is the part of you I wish I would have known. And although I might sometimes feel sadness that we may have missed knowing this better part of each other, I am grateful to see/feel it now.”

11. Lastly, close the ceremony by possibly seeing the person as a being of light. Then release him or her into the universe as you repeat, “I release you to be everything you are truly meant to be. And, in releasing you, I am also releasing myself.” If you loved the person and were close to him or her, you can close the visualization by seeing the person turn into a soft mist of colorful light, and then draw his or her soul/essence into your own heart and soul through your breath. Repeat (a few times) this visualization of merging with the person. Then close by Giving Thanks for sharing this wonderful healing ceremony and for the permanent affects it will have in your life—beginning now!

For an in-depth explanation of the Soul-Level Healing Process & the Goodbye Ceremony, please read Healing the Heart & Soul by Michael Mirdad.


The content of this worksheet contain excerpts from Michael Mirdad’s books and are copyrighted. You may download and use the worksheets for personal use only, for all other uses please contact Grail Productions for permission.