Seven Initiations on the Spiritual Path

The Seven Initiations On The Spiritual Path

Understanding the Purpose of Life’s Tests

The Seven Initiations . . . explains how the path towards enlightenment involves seven major tests, or initiations, and that we are always going through one or more of these initiations as a means of reaching our personal awakenings. The masters of ancient civilizations understood these initiations and taught us how to walk through our personal tests and into higher levels of awareness. The Seven Initiations . . . condenses volumes of information into clear and simple concepts that explain how each initiation will look in our lives, while providing a map (found in the sacred geometry of our bodies) for our evolutionary journeys.

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Reviews of The Seven Initiations on the Spiritual Path

Wonderful and practical guide for your Spiritual Path

The author describes in this book the diferent stages of the Spiritual path, and the diferent paths people may choose to do their Spiritual work, and how they look in our every day life, which is where most of us are doing our Spiritual work this days!!! I liked it


Easy to follow guide for any spiritual journey

This is a little book that packs a huge punch. Very well put together and easy to understand. I love that it is not about making any path “wrong” and all events are useful, if we realize this. My favorite, learning lessons the hard way or the easy way…..”love and


Balanced Sprituality

I loved this book!!! I have read many books over the last couple of years as I embarked on my own spiritual journey and I found this book to be one of the most balanced and thorough approaches to walking through the stages of healing and spiritul growth. The author

Bella Rae

A beautifully compiled manuscript describing our evolution towards wholeness and bliss!

“The Seven Initiations” radiates an empowering, compassionate message explaining that the challenges we experience on earth are related to seven major initiations everyone experiences. Dr. Michael Mirdad does a SPECTACULAR job explaining our spiritual evolution as human beings, while at the same time, relating each of life’s initiations to each

Amazon Customer

The Seven Initiations of the Spirtual Path

Michael’s first book and still one of the best. Easy to read and understand the profound issues addressed. Says precisely what he has been talking about for many years. Reading it was like being in the room with him. Down to earth and to the point. I gave it as

Linda Pump

Life’s Tests Made Easy!

Ahh, The 7 Initiations of the Spiritual Path – “Understanding the Purpose of Life’s Tests” This book took me by the hand and lead me down the “easy” path to understanding what was happening to me as I began my own spiritual initiations. Dr. Mirdad’s style of teaching is so

Jennifer Jardine

Michael Mirdad is a master of warmth, humor, and integrity

I found this book after reading Michael Mirdad’s latest book, You’re Not Going Crazy…You’re Just Waking Up!¸ and I liked it just as much. In his wonderful teaching style, Mirdad does an excellent job explaining getting through the stages of healing and spiritual growth. I’m continually amazed at how concisely

T. Sue Collier

Solid resource to anyone starting on their Spiritual path

This is a really good book. It should be required reading for all teenagers. Here you get a complete look at what initiation is, how cultures viewed initiations, and what types of initiations there are. As you should fathom from the cover this book uses the chakra-initiation model. By that


decent material

fairly well explained information, I found it interesting.. some of a new perspective on other wise old information that was


A life changer

The book is well organized. The author makes it easy to comprehend complex concepts, and then sends you on the path. A life

Paul E. Kolodzinski

A must read for everyone

Everything that Michael Mirdad writes is wonderful. He can change everyone’s life if they are open to it. A must read for


Very Interesting

A challenging read. Well-written. Good, yet difficult subject. A test to one committed to upward healing and Life

Rob Toth


Complex matter in simple Words. Mirdad is a Magician. A must read for every spiritual seeker. Never read a book like

Jaap van den Heuvel

love this book

A must read for everyone searching, seeking and experiencing transformation. Michael answers so many questions…love this book. I had a hard time putting it


This book is very clear and easy to follow

As always when reading material or listening to Michael Mirdad’s work I come away with the answers I need in my spiritual quest. This book is very clear and easy to follow, I recommend it to everyone beginners and

Jeannette Myers

Michael Mirdad does a wonderful job of gifting us with messages that are applicable …

Michael Mirdad does a wonderful job of gifting us with messages that are applicable to everyday life. He explains the energy body and all the aspects that we need to understand to return to wholeness with a greater connection to

Melissa Oliver

It is an out-picturing of practical suggestions to come to the spiritual path leading to peace and joy in this life

This is the first book of Michael Mirdad’s that I ever purchased. It has been a constant guide for walking and finding fulfillment on the spiritual journey. I am currently enrolled in his on-line course based on this book and can say without a doubt, all his books and courses

Joan Belle

Well worth your time and money!

This book is an awesome collection of timeless wisdom that has helped me to gain so much more clarity on what I have chosen to learn through all of the experiences and seasons of my life. After reading and absorbing the valuable insights and information that Michael has shared within

Harmony Faith Blanchard

A Higher Perspective

This book will give you insights into your life’s journey and why you experienced the things you did. It takes all of our experiences and puts them into a higher perspective. From there, you can see the path clearly. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is serious about

Linda Mae Costello

Michael Mirdad Best Author!!

Excellent!! Michael Mirdad is just like Jesus! He’s brilliant and humble and just beautiful in every way!! This book is wonderful for anyone on the spiritual path! MM knows things we haven’t even thought


Michael Mirdad Best Author!!

Excellent!! Michael Mirdad is just like Jesus! He’s brilliant and humble and just beautiful in every way!! This book is wonderful for anyone on the spiritual path! MM knows things we haven’t even thought

Susan, Canada


I really enjoyed “The Seven Initiations on the Spiritual Path” book! This was the kind of book I couldn’t stop reading and will read again when I need Guidance. I have studied the Chakras and thought I knew, but this book brought deeper meaning to my chakras and who I


Lifting the veil

Enlightened reading on how we are constantly struggling with life at every level , the ultimate goal is working out the solutions to the triggers in life and coming to the realization we are never separated from Mother , Father ,God

Alda line

Brings Clarity And Peace Of Mind

Michael Mirdad’s book is magnificent and insightful! I found “Seven Initiations Of The Spiritual Path” to be very detailed and effective in the sense it brings clarity and peace of mind to one’s life journey, which is in fact a spiritual path. One’s understanding is deepened with respect to life

Deborah Morrison

Good Read

I really enjoyed this book and related so much to what was spoken on the 7 initiations. The points made were Crystal clear. Having read many books related to spirituality I find it difficult to find one that holds my interest anymore. This one did not fail and I breezed

Denny Holmes

Great info!

I loved this book! Awesome fir a beginner on the spiritual path or someone who’s studied for a long time! Well written and the information is presented

jacquie myers

The initiation of the Heart

Simpliciy with profound teaching. Love the book. Thank you Michael

D. McIntyre

The initiation of the Heart

Simpliciy with profound teaching. Love the book. Thank you Michael

D. McIntyre, Germany

A map that shows the way to everything.

This book is revolutionary. Most of us flounder through life wondering why things happen and struggling most of the way. This book gives you a step-by-step guide to true happiness, prosperity and

Josh R.

Initiations are entry levels of testing the whole.

The book is a great read! I highly recommend all Teachers, pastors and even Masters to read. Humbling and yet satisfying book of containing all basics of the thoughts “why is life so

Stephanie McAfee

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