Sacred Sexuality Manual

Sacred Sexuality

A Manual for Living Bliss

Sacred Sexuality is a unique book in that it offers insights into how to live ecstatically by awakening your sensual self and sharing this presence with others, moment-by-moment. This book does not promote one particular style of sexuality over another. Instead, it is a synthesis of many of the ancient arts combined with modern principles of sex and sexual healing. Therefore, you will discover that this book is exciting and enticing, as well as powerful and healing.

While most books on the subject of sacred sexuality emphasize the need for men and women to love and respect their bodies, this book maintains that although you must love your body, you are not your body and, therefore, should not make it your primary focus. You are a soul, temporarily using your body as a vehicle of expression on your life’s journey. Hence, sacred sexuality is merely a tool for you to re-discover your soul (and the souls of others) by manifesting love through your body. Some spiritual teachings insist that you must set aside your body to find your soul. This book, on the other hand, shares the philosophy of A Course in Miracles, which suggests that before you can experience universal love, you must first remove the obstacles and judgments keeping it veiled. In other words, before you can feel your universal body, you must first love every particle of your physical body. Then, after lovingly reclaiming your total body and receiving the gift of love from the universe, you will discover that a whole new life awaits you.

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Reviews of Sacred Sexuality: A Manual for Living Bliss

Sacred Awareness

In “Sacred Sexuality: A Manual for Living Bliss”, Michael Mirdad has put forth a true teaching of the experience of sacred sexual union. With respect, dignity and diversity, in a manner that is instructive and informative, he leads us to a conscious sexual awakening. He does this not from a


A Unique Book That Blends the Sensual and Spiritual

Sacred Sexuality: A Manual for Living Bliss: This book truly is unique. Like no other book I’ve ever read, it is a marriage of body and spirit. Not merely a sex manual, the physical, sensual, spiritual, and mystical are gracefully and tastefully interwoven throughout the pages of this explicit and

Lynne Matous

Sacred Delight

Like a beautiful box of magical assorted chocolates that turn out to be sumptuous AND perfectly healthful and nutritious, Sacred Sexuality: A Manual for Living Bliss is an absolute delight! The material is diverse and tantalizing, chock full of high quality ingredients, and when you partake you end up nourished

Miradrienne Carroll

sacred sexuality

This book is fantastic. It will show you how your own body is a temple, it will show you how to connect your soul and the entire Universe with you, the complete you, the physical, the emotional, the spiritual and more. You will feel the real Love that is in

J. Perron

“Sacred Sexuality” teachings at is’t best!!!!

As a “Certified Sexual Healer”, “Intimacy Coach” and “Tantra Guide”, I am always looking for books to share with my clients on this most sensitive subject. Dr. Michael Murdad’s book “Sacred Sexuality”, A Manuel for Living Bliss has to be on of the most informational books on the market. Whether

Renee Savant

Easy read and in Depth Presentation of Tantric & Taoist Wisdom Based Sexuality

This book is a must and belongs on every bookshelf (not only tantric) of any family in the English speaking world and hopefully will be translated in many other languages soon. I found it very easy to read, quite enlightening as it combines the physical aspects of sexuality with the

Elisabeth Light

Fantastic book!

I loved this book. From someone brought up with a great deal of repression on the subject, this book and its exercises gave me a whole new outlook on the tremendously healthy act of sexual expression! Thank you Michael Mirdad for your great gift of teaching. Your perceptions continue to

Amazon Customer

Most Comprehensive Manual For Living Bliss

This book is the most comprehensive modern work on sacred sexuality as an art of blissful living. I enjoyed it very much and found it helpful in my daily practices. The work is deep and detailed when needed and covers all aspect of the subject incorporating knowledge from deferent schools


comprehensive, practical handbook to lead your sexual life into a more blissful, sweet, exciting realm

This is the book you need on your bedside. It worth read again and again: first time a surprise: woo, a new planet. second time: so many advanced ideas! third time: follow instructions. Compare to similar tantric books, this one is well organized and handy. You will be surprised at

Hong Zhu

Sacred Sexuality

Sacred Sexuality was very informative in a non-threatening way. I have spent many years not paying attention to my sexuality. It has caused me not only to miss out on a part of my life, but to create imbalance in it. Following some of the simple suggestions gave me an

K. Kirschner

Erasing the Stigma of Sex

Michael’s way of marrying spirituality with the physical act of sex is lovely and refreshing. Having so much taboo around sex in our society, how wonderful to have this subject shown and explained in a sacred, beautiful and thoughtful way. Helpful, informative and a must read for anyone wanting to


this book should be required reading for humans

I support all previous reviews of this book..I will add..that as a student and teacher of sacred sexuality I’ve read many books on the subject but this one is my favorite by far! I highly recommend it to all of my students, men and women alike, because it is an


Great reference!

I first read this book in preparation for a seminar I was about to take. It raised my eyebrows more than once! Never had I seen a book that explained so much, in so natural a manner! There was so much information, it was overload… I confess, initially I didn’t


Discover a whole new life

I am echoing all of the positive reviews posted already. Sacredness in sexuality was certainly a new concept for me, but Michael Mirdad–who is an excellent teacher–describes well how to awaken this “path of living bliss.” He handles a sensitive subject with beauty and grace. If you are looking to

T. Sue Collier

Sacred Sexuality

This book is a must read for anyone beginning their search into something a little deeper. It is a great beginner book for someone who is possibly more timid in anything with elaborate rituals. The exercises are simple and

Ruth R. Doe

Book is great educational reading

I like this book and came in mail quickly. Author of book and illustrations throughout are nice too. Book is worth the price and knowledge gained from

Dennis Wainwright

Competent writing

Competent writing The author is knowledgeable about sexual matters and includes graphics to help understand what he’s speaking about. I recommend it to

Joe DiBuduo

Four Stars

Very good book. Sometimes a little redundant but worth having in your

Nathalie, Canada

Everything you wanted to know about SS but were…

Coffee Lover

Five Stars


Accessible and sexy!

This is one of the best books that integrates spirituality and sexuality that I have read. I’m a fan of David Deida’s work as

Judith Flynn

Great For Starters

Not as advanced as I had hoped, as well as very male thought process in approach…but it was written by a male. Sort of hoping that this is just an intro to scared sexuality and further books will be much more indepth. Lots of anatomy, prerequisite and intro in this


Best Tantric Book for Beginners & Experienced Tantric Students

Written in beautiful Heart energy, this explicit workbook includes full explanation of anatomy function, with exercises for heartful tantric practice alone or with another, as well as healing of trauma which hinders the free flow of Eros. The clinical is expressed in easy to understand American verbiage in Michael’s unique

Mary Lou

Four Stars

Such an important topic. Thank you, Michael


believer and practitioner of sacred sexuality but this goes into …

believer and practitioner of sacred sexuality but this goes into open partner sluttery and really stands against any sense of deeper parts of



Spiritually and profoundly described sexuality and connection, highly

D. McIntyre

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