The Book of Love and Forgiveness

The Book of Love and Forgiveness

Love and Forgiveness are at the heart of every spiritual, philosophical, and soul-centered psychological teaching. And yet, the true meaning and application of love and forgiveness still somehow eludes us. The Book of Love and Forgiveness offers a clear, concise, yet deep understanding of Love, Judgment, and Forgiveness, which releases us from judgment and all of its harmful effects.

Topics include:

  • The role of our divinity
  • Taking responsibility
  • What love is and isn’t
  • What judgment is and isn’t
  • Judging ourselves and others
  • Moving beyond judgment
  • Forgiving ourselves and others
  • Moving beyond forgiveness
  • A beginner’s guide to forgiveness
  • An advanced guide to forgiveness
  • Techniques/Exercises in forgiveness

This book explains these crucial topics in a way that only Michael Mirdad could do. It is clear, deep, applicable, and life-changing. This is not only a book about love and forgiveness . . . it certainly clarifies these topics, but more importantly, it takes us through the process of loving and forgiving. The reader will come to understand and experience what love and forgiveness truly are and are not. Love is who we are, and that forgiveness is what love does. This awareness allows forgiveness to become far easier to accomplish. This process first helps us to become better people. Then it leads us to a complete remembrance of our divinity.

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