Dear Friends:

Words cannot describe the outcome of our recent “Daughters of Heaven Conference.” The conference carried high expectations and yet surpassed them all. Every speaker and every musician seemed to agree that the conference was not only the smoothest running conference they had ever been a part of, but it was also the most profoundly deep experience they’ve ever had. It might seem strange to share feedback about the conference when clearly some recipients of this e-blast were not there in person and might therefore feel left out, but there’s no need to feel that way, as this message itself holds the intention of sharing the experience with everyone who reads this. And everyone is welcome to register to watch the recorded video of the event.

Before the conference even began, we had more than seventy people carpool to a private section of Oak Creek where they were baptized in the water by Michael Mirdad—assisted by modern mystic, Eric Lindemer, and several of our Chaplains—as well as by a few newcomers to our Center. The experience included prayer, the baptism of water, chanting, and a lot of tears of joy. It was at this baptism—which Michael described as the most profound ceremony he’s ever witnessed—that it became evident just how loving and supportive everyone was going to be throughout the weekend.

The Coordinators and Volunteers were the first essential ingredient to creating such a wonderful event—second only to God’s Inspiration. They attended several meetings to share ideas and then stepped up to be of service to all who attended. Several of these Volunteers began assembling the décor, the lighting, and the sound system a few days before the event in order to make sure all was beautiful and in place.

The Speakers conveyed their message, which primarily included their particular perspective or approach to working with the Divine Mother or with the Christ or in sharing their own story as being Daughters of Heaven. Every speaker and every facilitator of processes or prayers, did an incredible job.

More specifically, one of our facilitators—Eric Lindemer—guided people through a couple of processes and meditations to connect everyone with the Christ. Another one of our processes was a past life meditation guided by Dick Sutphen—via one of his finest past life hypnotic processes. A lovely soul—Donya Sperry—guided everyone through a personal healing process that was loved and appreciated by everyone. On Friday evening, Michael Mirdad opened the conference with an overview of who the Daughters of Heaven are and what their role is in the current state of the world. Michelle Phillips wowed the attendees with such a humorous and insightful talk. This was followed by a talk related to Mother Mary by Robin Rose—author of “Mother Mary and the Undoing Process.” On Saturday, we were treated with an unforgettable talk by Alan Cohen—shared via Internet streaming from Hawaii. Alan was followed by another one of the world’s most premier channels of Mother Mary—Danielle Gibbons. Danielle delighted the audience with her relationship and experiences with Mother Mary. Michael Mirdad shared lucid and informative stories about the real background and life of Mary Magdalene. For many attendees, this particular portion of the conference was possibly the most moving of all. Then Michael closed the conference by sharing a deep view of the real Jesus. He also taught about the role of Daughters of Heaven moving into the future. The conference then closed with a spiritual wedding ceremony wherein attendees (online and in person) dedicated themselves and their lives to the Father and Mother God. Lastly, our Daughters of Heaven Band capped everything off with a music jam that invited everyone to dance, clap, and laugh.

The Musicians added to the entire experience by allowing themselves to be inspired channels of sound and harmony. Each musician had their own one or two spots to share their music, but all the musicians also shared several spots together. The attendees were overwhelmed by the extraordinary depth of the music and how emotionally moving and spiritually activating the songs were. Our musicians included John Dumas, Ted and Majella Turner, Nina Starsong, and Jaya Lakshmi.

The Vendors brought heartfelt services (e.g. massage, energy-work, etc.) and incredible gifts and crafts (e.g. crystals, pendants, art, etc.)—all of which added variety and excitement, not to mention integration time, to our conference. They were successful and well supported by all who attended.

The Attendees added the final ingredient to the high vibes and spiritual content of this event. Their excitement was so palpable, they (and most of the Vendors) arrived a few hours before the event even began.

But even with the endless amount of praise that goes out to our speakers, vendors, volunteers, musicians, and coordinators, the reality is that the participation and role of the Holy Spirit was the best part of this event. Ninety-eight percent of all the activities—ranging from prayer to music to lectures—went so smoothly that people are still talking about it days later. Everyone had the palpable sense that the Divine Mother was guiding all of us all along the way. This manifested as physical and non-physical hands supporting each attendee and guiding them throughout the weekend. Everyone felt held and supported—as though we were all in a container of love, high vibration, and miracle-mindedness. One person shared that she was “the Coordinator of the most successful spiritual conferences for over ten years and yet The Daughters of Heaven Conference far exceeded the success and high vibrations of any event I have ever been a part of.”

In summary, people had vivid past life visions, via the regression shared as an audio presentation by the late Dick Sutphen. There were those who had kundalini experiences, emotional releases, spontaneous healing, personal guidance and insight, and so much more. It was as though every attendee had at least a few remarkable and miraculous experiences. But one thing is clear, everyone leading or attending agreed the event that the most consistent feedback was about the love and heart-centeredness of the conference—which is the greatest compliment we could have received.

Love & Light
Michael Mirdad