September Monthly Message from Michael Mirdad

Dear Friends: It’s already September and what a month this will be. The month begins with the final effects of the second Super Blue Full Moon of August—which symbolizes the exposure of some of our deepest, darkest secrets or issues. The question is, do we fight to [...]

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August Monthly Message from Michael Mirdad

Greetings everyone! There are no words that can really describe how much love and appreciation we all share at our Sacred Sunday Services and at our spiritual center in general. This shouldn’t really be a surprise, considering our center focuses on celebrating the presence of Christ Consciousness. [...]

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June Monthly Message from Michael Mirdad

HERE COMES THE SUN! It’s time for the Summer Solstice AND Father’s Day. This means it’s a time of Light and of fruition, which also means it’s a time to let our Light shine and bring forth our fruits/gifts. As I mentioned in a recent Sacred Sunday [...]

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May Monthly Message from Michael Mirdad

Honoring the Mother! It’s great to feel springtime in the air. It’s a time of rebirth, love, life, healing, and sensuality—all of which are expressions of the Divine Mother (aka the Holy Spirit) and Earth Mother. It’s so odd that so many people on the Earth are practicing some [...]

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April Monthly Message from Michael Mirdad

Greetings Dear Friends! It’s already Spring—even though April started off with a light snowfall. This is the month that reminds us to resurrect after any challenge (crucifixion) we may have gone through. It may not always seem possible to bounce back from life’s tests but the concept of resurrecting [...]

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March Monthly Message from Michael Mirdad

Greetings Dear Friends! You’ve probably heard me say many times that God’s Will is that we feel complete happiness. And it’s easy to brush this off as merely a “nice sentiment.” But it means so much. It means that God—the only Power in the universe—actually wants us to feel [...]

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February Monthly Message from Michael Mirdad

A MONTH OF LOVE Love is in the air. Despite the many challenges going on in the world right now, this is the month when we celebrate partnerships, friendships, and loving relationships of all kinds. But most human beings know very little about love, and what it means to have truly [...]

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Happy New Year To All of You (our Spiritual Family)!

I pray that each of you enjoyed the Holiday Season and are preparing for a wonder-filled year. We (at The Global Center for Christ Consciousness) are starting the new year by thanking everyone for being so loving and supportive of our/your spiritual center--and under our new name. We are [...]

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It’s Time to Anchor More Light

Many of us have been praying for the world of illusion to pass away so that the real (and better) world can come into manifestation. And now that it’s clearly happening, it’s strange to see so many people reacting so adversely to the process. But why? If it’s only [...]

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Don’t Just Be Good, Be Good For Something

There is a common phrase amongst many advanced students on the spiritual path, which is, “Do the next ‘right’ thing.” What this means is that when you feel conflicted and are not sure what move to make or which decision to choose, simply take a stand to “do the [...]

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