It’s Time to Anchor More Light

Many of us have been praying for the world of illusion to pass away so that the real (and better) world can come into manifestation. And now that it’s clearly happening, it’s strange to see so many people reacting so adversely to the process. But why? If it’s only [...]

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Don’t Just Be Good, Be Good For Something

There is a common phrase amongst many advanced students on the spiritual path, which is, “Do the next ‘right’ thing.” What this means is that when you feel conflicted and are not sure what move to make or which decision to choose, simply take a stand to “do the [...]

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Getting Our Priorities Straight

When I teach, I usually teach at whatever level the group is at—while always adding something more in order to encourage the attendees to stretch their minds a bit more. But, being at Unity of Sedona for several years now is different. Here, the attendees seem ready for something profound every [...]

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Has Everyone Gone Crazy?

It’s often been said that there is a fine line between genius and insanity, and this has never been as true as it is now. As the time arrives when illusion becomes a thing of the past, we are all drawn into a cleansing of the false aspects of [...]

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Dark Ages or a Renaissance?

We're not going crazy . . . we're just waking up! It's actually quite normal for us to feel like we're going crazy when we are going though dramatic shifts into higher consciousness. This applies not only to individuals but also to the entire human race. That's right! We, as a [...]

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Love Loves Love

God (which is love) loves love. This means that Love, loves love. It also means that the Spirit of Love, loves to see, feel, and experience love. Our fear-based and hate-based ego, on the other hand, loathes love, which is to say that there is a part of us that gets [...]

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New Beginnings: Dreams and Leaks

People often ask me how I maintain both my faith and my energy level when this world seems to get so many people down. The answer I generally offer is that when we know who we are, and then live our lives in a way that is congruent with [...]

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True Spirit of Christmas

Long before the Christians celebrated Christmas, the pagans celebrated the birth of the Son/Sun of God. And even before the pagans, nature itself was always celebrating the end of winter and the birth of a new day. This real story, however, of the birth of Christ, begins with a [...]

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The Doorway to Christ Consciousness

All true Lightworkers know that the name of our true identity is the Christ. And yet very few people know what this means, nor can they easily wrap their mind around this concept. Imagine God as being the center of a room of Light and that this area of [...]

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Are We Really Gods and Goddesses?

Jesus, the Christ, made several unbelievable statements during his time on Earth. Some of these statements can be very upsetting to those who prefer remaining in a limited state of mind. One of his most startling statements was in response to those who didn’t like people referring to him [...]

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