Sexual Healing

There is a form of healing and counseling that is effective for bringing healing and balance to our life, via our root chakra. Yet, despite the success of healing related to intimacy and sexuality, it is still frowned upon by so-called open-minded healers and therapists. In view of the [...]

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Be the Living Proof of God

I have said many times (as did many masters), that despite living in a world that tells us we are insignificant, limited beings, we are actually divine beings made in the image of God. And although this might seem like a challenging thing to understand and accept, one of [...]

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Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

There are generally only two types of experiences we usually have on earth: “good experiences” and “bad experiences.” Good experiences typically are the ones where we feel good, loved, appreciated, creative, hopeful, and healthy. Bad experiences typically are the ones where we feel bad, unloved, unappreciated, stuck, hopeless, and unhealthy. But [...]

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Secret Power of the Spoken Word

Like many topics within the realm of spirituality, the power of our spoken words is often misunderstood. For example, some people believe that we should always “speak our feelings,” while other believe that all of our words give “power” to things—and that we should therefore remain silent—especially when it [...]

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Living Mastery

There are basically three types of people on earth: Those who are asleep, oblivious to the deeper meaning of life; those who are waking-up and are attempting to experience some greater form of spirituality or self-awareness; and those who are far enough along on the spiritual path to become [...]

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Daily Prayer and Meditation (Communion)

A Crucial Part of the Soul-Level healing Process Download a printable version of this Exercise here The following exercise is used as part of the Soul-Level Healing Process found in Healing the Heart & Soul by Michael Mirdad. It is the most effective exercise to assist us with Refilling [...]

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The Dark Night of the Soul

There is an old saying: “There are two things in life that we cannot avoid, death and taxes.” But the truth is, the only two things we cannot avoid are death and the Dark Night of the Soul. And although “The Dark Night of the Soul” (life’s greatest transformational [...]

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What is Christ Consciousness?

Imagine God as being the center of a room of Light and being the Presence of Love, Peace, and Joy. Then imagine that THAT Center/God emanates a Light that fills the room. This Light is known as the Christ—which is us—our True Selves. This Light is the [...]

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Spiritual Mastery

Spiritual Mastery Is Our Destiny Attaining and living in a state of personal and spiritual mastery is the destiny of all men and women. Living in a state of Mastery means recognizing one's highest potential as gods and goddesses and treating ourselves accordingly. Living Mastery also means finding a [...]

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Christ Consciousness Awakening

The birthing of Christ Consciousness is not to be confused with the return of Jesus or any other spiritual leader. In fact, it is just the opposite. Two thousand years ago, Jesus left his students and said, “I must leave you now or the comforter will not come to [...]

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