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The Dark Night of the Soul

Help is on the way!

This is a perfect book to read when you feel like you’re at your wits end and life is NOT going at all the way you want. I really love the way this author and spiritual teacher presents his eye-opening material with straightforward, no nonsense advice on getting to the

Lena Nowmos


Very good read. Very much what I already thought.


All Michael Mirdad’s books are inspiring!

Michael Mirdad’s is a spiritual teacher who had a message of Truth, Love and Christ Consciousness that he is sharing with the world through his books and teachings. These books are a ‘must read’ if you are serious about your spiritual growth!


Out of the Dark and Into the Light

The Dark Night of the Soul may be one of the most helpful books in Michael Mirdad’s long career of teaching and writing spiritually uplifting books (especially during this present time when society, itself, seems to be going through a Dark Night). Ultimately, this insightful, clearly written book explains how

Lynne Matous

The Dark Night of the Soul – What a journey!!

Michael Mirdad’s new book, The Dark Night of the Soul, is really amazing in how it captures exactly what it feels like to go through that process. In my own life, I went through it intensely for a few years, and there were many times when I just wanted to

Linda Mae Costello

There Really IS a God, a Creator, a Source, ….. and IT is IN every One of us…..

The Dark Night of The Soul
Michael Mirdad has done it again! This beautifully Spiritual man has touched my heart with precision timing in this book. He immediately reminded me that my Soul (not I) decide when it’s time for me to journey within to discover what still needs

Dosi Loverro

A fabulous book that teaches us to stay centered in God, to help us and others through the DNOTS

This is truly a great, condensed, detailed book about the dark night of the soul. Michael explains with ease and clarity, exactly what we go through and why we go through this experience, multiple times in our lives. He breaks down what happens when we enter this period of time,

Theresa W.

Can this book change your life for the better? Absolutely, YES.

What’s it about? The Dark Night of the Soul: Out of the Dark and into the Light is a guide to understanding, enduring, and embracing it as a gift, a clear and present benefit of our soul’s inner life revealing who we truly are: The Divine Expression of God in

Joan Belle

Must read!👍💎

Just started reading this but so far it’s really hitting on point, definitely worth taking time out for!


Dark Night of the Soul: Out of the Darkness and into the Light

Favorite author for navigating lifes bumps for the spiritual journey. very easy read and easy to gain understanding

Marjorie L. Vann

Incredible book

I have followed the teachings of Michael Mirdad for a few years now. This book is filled with authentic, incredibly insightful guidance. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to make their lives better. Follow his advice and you will be a happier individual. guaranteed

janie n.

Very helpful

Very good book Easy to read. Very helpful. Very helpful

vicki mccabe

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The Book of Love and Forgiveness

Love and forgiveness is all there is.

Michael Mirdad has taken the most important aspects of A Course in Miracles and made them accessible and usable. The text of ACIM I found to be very challenging to read and understand, whereas the ACIM lessons created a shift in my life which transforms my life today. The Book


I highly recommend this book

I highly recommend this book! It is beautifully written in an easy to understand and apply format. There are many techniques that can be used everyday-which I have found to be very transformative in my life and relationships. It teaches about the process of forgiveness of others and ourselves, but


Deep Cleansing

This amazing work isn’t for everyone. It is only for anyone who wants to go deep inside and clear out all that is in the way of their relationship with God. Although it seems quite simple, the content has us penetrating our deepest wounds, and learning to forgive, not only

Linda Mae Costello

Great start

This book is just what I was needing. Great platform

m cunningham


This is amazing work. Some of the most transformative stuff I’ve experienced on this long journey of self-love. Easy and fun to read. Light, practical and highly effective. The exercises are short but magical. Very easy to learn and apply. Truly transformative, I can’t say that enough. I’m looking forward


Great book from a great teacher!

This book really helped me understand more fully why challenging things and people show up in my life and how I just create my own suffering from this instead of seeing the insights & gifts they bring. Michael taught me how to get down to the truth of what is


Michael Mirdad’s Book is so enlightening

Great book!

Share W, Canada

To the point and very practical. Excellent read

I love Michael’s style – very effective and easy to understand with great layout of practices and explanations. I also like that he is not obsessed with the beauty of his own mind (like some authors that write in much detail that adds to page numbering – it makes me

Jelena Polic

Love and Forgiveness made easy

Michael’s style is very direct and makes it easy for the reader to understand what he is saying. I have found the forgiveness techniques to be very helpful. Because of Michael I catch myself when making Judgements and am able to defuse it and forgive both the judgement and myself


… spiritual attitude and action that clarifies how to bring love and forgiveness into our lives in a practical way

Here is a guide to the truest context of spiritual attitude and action that clarifies how to bring love and forgiveness into our lives in a practical way. Michael Mirdad is clear and concise in his style and ability is make any relevant topic applicable, and brings the results desired

Joan Belle

Love and Forgiveness and a greater understanding on where this …

I have attended Michael’s course where this book was used. I always find that I get a lot of knowledge out of the interactions.
Love and Forgiveness and a greater understanding on where this can go deeper in my life. Abba St. Germaine


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The Heart of A Course In Miracles

A must buy by Michael Mirdad

Everything that Michael does is great. I have read all his books and attend Unity where he speaks. This book is a more clear understanding for me of the course in miracles.  


If you were to read only one book on A Course In Miracles, this is the one.

Michael offers the most complete picture of the course, along with easy-to-learn steps that guide the reader to a full understanding of how we got here and how to best find our way Home. Powerful while concise, Mirdad illustrates his mastery of the material and his flexibility in adapting it

Matthew John

The Harvest of a Lifetime

In this his latest book, Michael Mirdad shares the harvest of a lifetime of spiritual seeking and teaching. Both the beginning and the advanced seekers of Truth will benefit from reading this clear, in-depth, and comprehensive treatment of the spiritual pathway Home. With many concrete applications of spiritual Truths, “The

Lynne Matous

Deeper insight

Being A Course in Miracles student since the late 1990’s the book gave me a still deeper understanding of the course. I would recommend it to someone familiar with ACIM who would like a bit more clarification. It does a good job in summarizing what is to take place in

Joe T.

Love it!

I love anything Michael Mirdad does He is awesome

Susan M Gunther

A book to experience!

I first want to comment on the aesthetics of the book. It is the perfect book size making it very comfortable to hold. The book cover is sturdy, made to last and to endure much use, and the edges are well bound. Font size and line spacing are perfect, making


This book by Michael Mirdad takes A Course in Miracles to a whole new level of understanding.

I have the original course in miracles book. And for many years have been attempting to read it the whole way through. It’s a bit daunting to do. When Michael Mirdad‘s new book came out it was a no-brainer for me to purchase it. I’ve read most of his books

MJ Holland

I found that Michael gave a clarity to the Course that I found easy to comprehend

I have owned the Course in Miracles book for a long time. I would pick it up and start and then put it away. It was through Michael’s book that I was able to finally embrace the Course teachings with a different understanding. I found that Michael gave a clarity


A Course in Miracles

Broken down to very effective, while easily digestible .12 Primary Concepts, this book is my Keeper, for a long time to come. Step into the Light

Flamma Jamma

Makes understanding the Course in Miricles information easier

Brilliant work by Michael Mirdad. Makes understanding the information in A Course in Miricles much easier to understand. Deep and profound presented in Michaels unique style.

crystal gaye philip, Australia

In “The Heart of A Course in Miracles”, Michael …

In “The Heart of A Course in Miracles”, Michael Mirdad exquisitely identifies & explains “12 Primary Concepts” of A Course in Miracles. From there, he distills these concepts into language any ACIM student or teacher can follow. An invaluable tool to help us understand & remember core ACIM tenets .


A clear view of why and how we practice judgement …

A clear view of why and how we practice judgement and blame that keeps us from finding our innocence and true freedom and peace. Michael Mirdad explains A Course in Miracles so very well, with a practicality that helps understand how apply these principles in our lives.


I love Michael Mirdad and nearly all that he has to …

  Next to A Course In Miracles this book is the closest I have come to understanding the truth of ourselves. Astounding simplicity, with such a practical approach to life. I love Michael Mirdad and nearly all that he has to share so I am extremely happy with this book.

Shirley Benson

A MUST have if you are a student of ACIM or want to discover what ACIM is all about.

I have been studying the course for almost 3 years. Have read several books about ACIM but that one top them all.
I discovered Michael Mirdad 3 months ago and deeply resonate with the way it teaches what he learned on its life journey with A Course in Miracles.

Catherine Chevalier Defrenne


LOVED this book! Wonderful companion as I study A Course in Miracles. Beautiful and helpful insights throughout. So grateful for the clarity I received reading this book.

jill jurcago

Five Stars

absolutely love the way Michael relates ACIM. by far my favorite book on the course!  

Amazon Customer

I love this book!

This is an excellent book. Its easily understood and more importantly, felt in the heart. Its a book I’m going to read over and over again. Its a main staple for every spuritual library.

Kelley Daniel

Five Stars

Love the book, helps with ACIM and links to a lot of like material.

Larry Schmier


Very helpful in understanding the major concepts within A Course in Miracles. Well written by someone that clearly has a very good grasp of the subject.

Mike Hall, United Kingdom

Inspired work!

As a long-time student of A Course in Miracle (the “Course”), reading books based on It can get my ego in a twist! ;). But Michael’s book, for the most part, did just the opposite — it’s helpful, calming and a great Course supplement. Of course, I found a few

George A. Wissing

If you want A Course in Miracles clarified and demystified …

If you want the text and messages of “A Course in Miracles” clarified and demystified? This is THE book to help with this. It is deep, but it is clear and in practical language and concept. It is a text book on the book that can change you inside and

Joan Belle

Great explanation and amazing spirit.

I have been reading a course in Miracles and this book brought it to me in a much easier to understand method. You have an amazing spirit and it flows through your book to each of us that desires to accept it.  



I am so thrilled to have this book as a tool of reference for every single part of my life. As a student of A Course In Miracles I stumble around a bit trying to understand its deepest concepts. Michael in this book has taken each one of the core

Marie Henry

Love the book

Love the book, I have been reading the Course for many years, however, Michael has a way of opening your eyes to the real meat of the course.
The book is wonderful.  


I love his writing…

I heard Michael speak on a Podcast and I knew I needed this book. I have only just begun it but it is exactly as I expected I love his writing so far on understaning the course  


Love It

I purchased this book because I’ve always wanted to read A Course in Miracles. But reading the entire book seemed so daunting to me; like reading the bible all over again. It even has those bible thin pages. The title of the book appealed to me. It felt like the

Patrice Ellen

LOVE—you have to read this book!

I highly enjoyed this book and have recommended it to countless friends and family. I also recommend the book about “The Divine Child” by Michael Jones; they are complementary. I plan to read both again and again AND to buy some of Michael Mirdad’s other books. Namaste, friends!


ACIM from the Heart

By far the best book I have purchased to help me to understand and apply the concepts from A Course In Miracles. Many thanks to Michael Mirdad  


I highly reccomend this book!

I feel peace in my soul and joy in my heart when I hear Michael Mirdad speak and I read his books. This book has satisfied my hunger for truth! Love you, Michael!  

Pam Bush

The BEST source for understanding the underlying message of A Course in Miracles

I have been a student of A Course in Miracles since 1990. This is one of the most concise books I have ever read that is associated with the Course that really gets to the core concepts, and explains them in a way that anyone can understand. It is really

Linda Mae Costello

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Healing the Heart and Soul

Five Stars

A great work

Kindle Customer

Awesome Book

I absolutely Loved this book. An the author is an amazing man and teacher. I buy all of his books, very inspiring and helps you embrace healing and change on all levels.

K. Kineman

Loved it

Very practical ..i had been looking for a book like this for a long time… The prayers were very useful

Kindle Customer

Michael Mirdad invites you into the light

Michael Mirdad, through his books and public speaking events, offers clear and enlightening and inspirational perspectives. Hang out in the light! Receive his gifts, wisdom, guidance and heart- and as a result- find yourself better off! A unique, one of a kind person. All of his books are unique, one


If you really want to have an amazing life – this is a must read for all!

Once again Michael has revealed to us an incredible healing technique through his latest book!
With a few minutes of dedication , one can undertake the simple healing process and transform their soul…
And in doing so- transform their life!
Michael points out that “All true healing

Ronaldo A. Gosio

Beautiful Concise Way to Heal

Michael Mirdad is direct in his beautiful Healing the Heart and Soul book. It’s very easy to read and believe anyone can pick this up and do the steps he lays out in order to live a healed and heart-centered life.


Very Effective Healing Technique

“Healing the Heart & Soul” offers a simple, easy to apply, practice and understand healing method which addresses the unhealed issues at the depth where true healing must reach. For me, this work perfectly compliments the more traditional psycho-therapy methods of healing, particularly the issues and pains caused in childhood.


Healing Your Core-Issues

Our core issues, the ones that reside deep within us at a soul level, are often the ones we struggle with for years, if not a lifetime. In his book, Healing the Heart and Soul, Michael Mirdad takes these Soul-Level Issues that can drag a person down for years, and


A must read

Michael Mirdad is the most wonderful, powerful, spiritual leader that I have heard. I live in Sedona where he is at Unity of Sedona and he has brought 4 times the congregation to the church. His messages are truth and easy to understand and put into practice. He has an


True and Lasting Healing

Quite possibly Michael Mirdad’s most important book to date,”Healing the Heart & Soul” goes straight to the level where true and lasting healing takes place — the mind, heart, and soul. What makes this book so important and ultimately so useful and effective is that it targets the core issues

Lynne Matous

Life changing

Fabulous step by step, clear instructions and information.
I’m so great full to have found Michael Mirdad.
If your truly ready for a shift in consciousness then this book will assist.

crystal gaye philip, Australia

Everyone can use the gems of wisdom from great book.

Everyone needs this book in their life. Michael Mirdad is such a stellar teacher and human being. I love this book.

Kelley Daniel

The Teacher Has Appeared….

Most of us have heard that when the student is ready the teacher appears. Well my teacher has appeared so I must be ready! I love this man and I am drinking him in, allowing his words to fill my parched soul! I am so happy to have stumbled upon

Patrice Ellen

Wonderful healing book

I used this book to help work on my emotional state as it may have to do with some physical pains I’m dealing with. This book was perfect to help me with that. I have been using “The Script” daily to help work on processing feelings. I am really enjoying

Gina Paulhus

Healing the Heart & Soul is one of Michael Mirdad’s best works explaining how to spiritually heal the troublesome parts …

I read a lot of spiritual books to help understand myself as well as the souls around me in this lifetime. Healing the Heart & Soul is one of Michael Mirdad’s best works explaining how to spiritually heal the troublesome parts of one’s soul and also outlining steps to ‘be

A. Warren

A hands-on guide to self healing that should be on every book shelf!

After I heard iconic spiritual teacher Michael Mirdad speak in person and on video, I could not wait to read his book, and I’m thrilled to note that it’s exactly what I was hoping for: easy to read, hands-on, engaging, and it really guides you through the concept and processes,

I. Mohan

Healing with Michael

Great purchase. I love Michael Mirdad-very enlightened.


A Spiritual Guidebook

Another powerful and spiritually helpful book by Michael Mirdad.
Amongst other thing, in Healing The Heart and Soul we are given a practical formula to transform pains and traumas into clarity, healing, thanks, and forgiveness.

Seth Monk

Simply Amazing!

Healing the Heart & Soul is the very first book I have found to teach my clients how to make a permanent shift in their lives. It is an easy read, but a profound and honest look at what it takes to heal soul-level issues. As a therapist we have

Marie Henry


Michael Mirdad has an amazing gift of sharing with others his secret insights into what we ALL experience in life.
His book describes so many pains and fears that all of us can realize we identify with because these emotions are a part of our lives.
A wonderful

L. Sauder

My favorite Michael Mirdad book

My favorite Michael Mirdad book, the healing guidance available in this book is priceless. He leads us through tracking the root of the issues so that we can unlock the blocks in our life.

Melissa Oliver

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Creating Fulfilling Relationships

I have read most of Michael Mirdad’s teachings and like his other books

GOD First! And if you don’t know this reference, you should definitely read this new book by Michael Mirdad. He teaches the importance of mastering your on-going relationship with God and Yourself, and then “sharing” a healthy YOU with all others…..Spouses, Life Partners, Lovers, Friends, Family and ultimately, every person


Great read about relationships

I listened to the recording of Michael’s course on Relationships along with reading this book. It is very deep and points out to many aspects of how to deal with relationships. As always, I like Michael’s style of writing – simple and effective with a practicality. It helped me greatly

Jelena Polic

Four Stars

good information, sent copy to friend


Best Relationships Book This Counselor Has Ever Read

Creating Fulfilling Relationships is a book like no other! This book takes relationships to the next level by explaining how to create real, long-lasting relationships with everyone…rather than merely telling us how to attract yet another partner. It addresses the importance and relevance of establishing a strong spiritual and psychological

Marie Henry

Holy Relationships!

I have read a lot of books on Relationships, but this is, hands down, the best I have read. Michael Mirdad’s style of writing is so clear and concise. What I really loved is that it isn’t just about romantic relationships, although it addresses that too. It’s about EVERY relationship

Linda Mae Costello

A Companion on the Road to More Harmonious Relationships

This is not just another typical book on relationships.It explores from a wider perspective: firstly our relationship with our True Source (God), secondly with our own self and then with others. Once we become centred in our True Self, the deeper and more fulfilling all our relationships will be, with

L. S. Harvey, United Kingdom

Do you need one suggestion for a gift to men …

Do you need one suggestion for a gift to men and women at ANY AGE that want a living breathing guide to how to come to PEACE-FULL, JOY-FULL relationships? This is the book that will give you a practical guide to that goal. It is realizing God first is the

Joan Belle

Healthy, Holy Relationships of all Kinds

Excellent insight into what makes healthy relationships of all kinds. Wisdom on avoiding codependent relationships (two wholes make the best romantic/life partners, not emotionally wounded or deficient individuals looking for a partner to “complete” them). Inspired guide to healthy, holy relationships for happy/harmonious living with friends, family and co-workers too.


Profound Insight!! A MUST read book for those …

Profound Insight!! A MUST read book for those who are ready to take relationships to an awareness level of self reflect.


Wonderful…and inspiring!!!

Everyone should read this!!!! Best book on relationships I have ever read…and will re-read many times.
One person found this helpful

Darlene Dray


Very easy to read. Beautiful and deep messages. Definitely recommend to everyone. Connect with God first, then your true Self and others.

Liudmila Williams

Brilliant, Lucid

This book is a brilliant, lucid illustration of why relationships go wrong and go right. Want to heal your relationships? Read this book. Want to understand what boundaries are? Read this book. Want to learn about what delight is in store for you, once you master these principles? Read this

Wendy Treynor, PhD

Five Stars

Extremely insightful.

Goodvibesgirl, Canada

I find that Michael has a way of expressing teachings in a way that are easy for me to incorporate

Reading this book brought me to a closer relationship with myself. Embracing more of my own needs and desires through connection deeper with God. I find that Michael has a way of expressing teachings in a way that are easy for me to incorporate.


Truly an amazing book.

Truly an amazing book…a manual for living life…a concise summary of the basic teachings of A Course in Miracles(ACIM) explained in simple language….a must to read on your spiritual journey


Helpful Information

I enjoyed reading this book because it caused me to review past relationships and to understand my part in the difficulties in those relationships. The information was presented in a clear format with a little humor added. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their relationships

Bee Jay

Michael Mirdad hits the mark in his new book, Creating Fulfilling Relationships: Turning Cell Mates Into Soul Mates

There are many relationship books that are simply instruction books on how to find a significant other with whom one is a perfect romantic match. Many of these books offer little information that serves to help build skills to negotiate the challenges that can often arise in relationships. This type

Donna S. Priesmeyer

A Must Read for Creating Fulfilling Relationships…..and Life!

When thinking of a book on relationships, one usually thinks in terms of romantic relationships and how to get them and keep them. Creating Fulfilling Relationships is so much more. This book looks at the foundation of all of our relationships–our relationship with God and Self first, and then, from


Practical Wisdom For Happier Connections With Others

This book is immeasurably valuable. We’ve purchased several copies to gift friends & family members going thru difficult times. There is clear advice for every kind of relationship that may trouble you… not only with a significant other or spouse. Michael Mirdad has a way of making the esoteric principles

Amazon Customer

… few or many relationships in life that keep you sad, angry or awake at night

If you have struggled with few or many relationships in life that keep you sad, angry or awake at night, this book can help you. If you have a few or many relationships in life that are filled with love and understanding, this book will reinforce those positive ones and

A. Warren




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You're Not Going Crazy...You're Just Waking Up!

Very clarifying, straight forward, and relatable

I definitely recommend this book to anyone going through the dark and confusing times of awakening. I found it very comforting and the exercises to be really helpful.

Kindle Customer

It was nice to know

It was nice to know, I am not the only one who has been experiencing craziness.
A quick read, will read over again.
Delivery very fast.

Amazon Customer, Canada

Michael Mirdad Renowned Spiritual Teacher Gifts Us with another Literary Gem

“Waking up” can be a difficult process when you do not have expert spiritual guidance to transform your fears, old paradigms, and patterns. Dr. Michael Mirdad takes you by the hand and gently guides you through your transformational process with his world renowned, one-of-a-kind spiritual gifts, and down to earth

Barbara Rose

Five Stars

Very nice

rachel hopkins, United Kingdom

A Gem

This is a gem of a little book for anyone who has been diagnosed as depressed or is consciously journeying through a dark night of the soul.
Very simply written and easily understandable. Highly recommended.

Diane O'Sullivan

I can highly recommend his book

The very idea that we all go through the ups and downs of life! Michael explains what happens to all of us and “wakes” us up to the idea that it is normal to go through the various bumps in the road that life IS! Having the opportunity to see

H B Warren

A Must Needed Spiritual Guide To Soul Development

Dr. Mirdad’s book has been absolutely essential in my counseling practice, for helping my client’s to understand the purpose of life’s tests. I have handed it to all age groups, spiritual backgrounds, and gender, and everyone seems to return with a comforting insight that they were not able to acquire

Marie Henry



Glen Mowrey

Quick Fix

Did you ever have one of those times in your life that may have gone on for years where you struggled and struggled but you couldn’t seem to break free of some sort of thunder cloud that seems to follow you around? This book helps with that and it’s a


it’s an easy read and I personally but a few and give …

This book was a huge part of my awakening further, it’s an easy read and I personally but a few and give them to those going through ” the dark night of their soul”

Laura Powers

mirror on the wall

I first bought this book for a friend of mine; she was going through a tumultuous transition and I wanted to help… I should have known better, a week later, it was my turn! I ended up having to get her another copy! This book doesn’t erase scary feelings, it


A beautifully-package and well-written book by a modern-day spiritual master!

I’ll repeat myself by saying that this is a beautifully-package and well-written book by a modern-day spiritual master. It is simple, yet profound with lots of subtle bits of humor sprinkled in. This is a book of ancient wisdom told with modern terms like “download this into your mind.” This

Steve Nakamoto - Author of Talk Like A Winner - Men Are Like Fish - Dating Rocks - Wall Street Craps

This book has been great! If you’re looking for understanding of why things …

This book has been great! If you’re looking for understanding of why things happen in your life and what’s going on…this book is it. It has really helped transform my life in so many ways.

Lorie Ann

I openly use this book in my practice and give it away as a resouce!

As a hypnotherapist, clients come to me often as a last resort saying, “my life is falling apart and I don’t know what else to do.” I too was in a “dark night of the soul” when Michael Mirdad’s “You’re Not Going Crazy You’re Just Waking Up” book was recommended

Jennifer Jardine

Highly recommended no matter where you are in the soul transformation process.

Amazing book. Came to me at the perfect time in my life and each soul transformation stage reflected the steps I had to go through. I love Michael’s quote and use of that great Yes song Changes from 90125 — “At some point, your life is going to fall apart,


Simplify simplify simplify

A very complex, bottom of your soul calling, a stage of life truly frightening. But reading this book helped to simplify, bring humility and our true souls need to want to do it right, intelligent, thoughtful and caring.


Thank you Michael Mirdad.

This book by Michael Mirdad brought me a wonderful sense of comfort like no other I have read on waking up. I have felt crazy but now I feel like I really am waking up. Thank you.


Not crazy, just transforming

I really thought I was going crazy until I read this book. Michael is a true modern spiritual teacher who helps you understand your heart and souls journey. Having had the honor of meeting personally with Michael and having him help me through my darkest night of the soul in

Amazon Customer

Five Stars

It’s a wonderful book, very comforting when going through this incredible process

Wendy Askwith, United Kingdom

Undergoing Changes in Your Life?

“You’re Not going Crazy” is a learner’s manual for being a human on planet Earth where change is the “name of the game.” Who has not experienced various degrees of angst from wanted or unwanted changes? Michael Mirdad gives a “blow by blow” description of the psychological/emotional/mental processes all of

Lynne Matous

Much Needed Insight

I read this book during a hard time in my life, when everything seemed to fall apart and just as the title implies, I thought I was going to go crazy! One thing after another, without any rhyme or reason, and I just couldn’t understand!
This book greatly helped

Kay M

You’re not going crazy…you’re just waking up

This book is for everyone in the world to help them navigate through every situation that seems to be confronting them. If you think you are going crazy…..READ THIS

Janice Christ

Author stays in touch

I asked author to provide a sample and he did! Many thanks to author for ability to sample.


One of the best

One of the best little accompanying books to the ACIM lessons. Love this book and is an easy read and a re-read



Someone recommended this book to me. Fantastic! I love it. This is my first introduction to Michael Mirdad. Even though the book is only 90 pages, it is to the point about Soul Transformation. It explains so much of what I’ve been going through these last few years. I felt


Powerful book

This small but mighty book packs a powerful spiritual punch. An important read for your soul during major life changes

James P, Canada

Short but very deep and essential for healing

A short but powerful book that is useful for healing and guidance under stress. A must read for knowers of a course in miracles.


A very good read if you’re at a point of reflection and …

A very positive spin on midlife transformation and midlife crisis. A very good read if you’re at a point of reflection and can really view the sometimes daunting changes in a positive way.

Dana Detrick of Serious Vanity Music


This book was amazing. The roadmap it provides, will help guide the user along life’s treacherous paths. It will guide you along the way, like a lantern in the night.

Josh R.

it is so easy for us to think there is something we are …

Michael’s book was so eye opening for me as well as being heart opening. When we are in the midst of difficulties in our lives, it is so easy for us to think there is something we are doing wrong that is causing the challenges. It was a great reminder

Patricia Conte-Nelson

Not Crazy

Boy, was this unexpected! The thesis is well presented and the five stages of spiritual transformation were well delineated. Before I was half-way through, I was writing down events from my past which proved Mirdad’s typology. This is a short enough book to make a re-read possible, and/or to re-read

Leslie in Florida

You’re Not Going Crazy

This book is very concise and comforting. It gives life lessons in an easy format and reaffirms the progress you have made in life already. I recommend all Michael’s books and workshops.

K. Kirschner

A wonderful book by an amazing teacher

This book is for anyone feeling like their world is quickly changing at a head-spinning rate. I found I was having many “symptoms” of a spiritual awakening and sometimes I was feeling not so spiritual! This light book gave me a sense of calm… a sense of “oh, I’m not

Amazon Customer

A Pocket Guide for Life

Little books, compacted packets of essential wisdom often call to me at the checkout counter at my local bookstore. I’ll grab one to add to a gift or because the title will speak to appease a lingering emotional angst. Once in hand, the little book will hold me for all

L. Libro

Great Book

What a surprise this one was. So short, but so insightful. I would recommend it to anyone who’s into spiritual or personal growth.


Five Stars

A powerful little book that’s right on target!

Beverly J. Oh

This book is a gem!

This latest book by Michael Mirdad is definitely a gem! It is concise and yet thorough. I have read it through a few times and still look up aspects of it again.I hadn’t realized there were actual, definable steps to learn from within certain events I was labeling as failures,

Christine Decker

you’re not going crazy…you’re just waking up!

A wonderful book. Easy to read and understand and yet so very profound. I go back and read passages over and over again and have given copies to my friends and family.

Linda P/Oregon

A perfect handbook for transformation

I cannot remember how many copies of this book I have bought, because I keep giving my most current copy away. It is the human condition to change and transform ourselves and our lives, the bigger shifts in our consciousness can be frightening. We tend to think there is something

Lesley Fouche

You’ll Love It!

This is a great book which will open up your heart to understand more about where you’re life is headed & that you are among others who are going through the same experience.

C. F.

Thank heaven I am not going crazy!

What a brilliant and powerful little book. This is a potent and concise description of the stages one goes through as they walk through soul transformation. What a relief it was to find that I was not alone in the things I was experiencing in my journey to “enlightenment”. I

Bella Rae

This book will change your life! If you are …

This book will change your life! If you are going through the dark night of the soul, going through a life transformation or just feeling spiritually out of sorts, this thought-provoking book is a gentle and loving guide back to your inner light on the other side of your pain

Madonna Hamilton

A concisely written tool for decoding your soul’s purpose!

I very much appreciate how Michael has taken 10’s of thousands of words of knowledge and “drawn a map” to simplify the journey to our soul’s happiest purpose! Just do the exercises – results are immediate. Thank you, Michae


You’re Not Going Crazy….You’re Just Waking Up!

I found this to be an incredibly focused little book with a HUGE message. This is a pointed, direct, yet charming easy-to-read manuscript that touches and moves the soul on so many levels. The pages are colorfully dressed with many spiritual reminders that we are all, indeed, “waking up” to

Amazon Customer

Five Stars

I enjoyed it.

DP, United Kingdom

You’re Not Going Crazy…

This could easily be referred to as a pocket guide to ‘Life’. A spiritual navigation through the bumpy roads we endure written beautifully from a true Master. It describes what we are experiencing in a way we can grasp a true understanding of ‘why’ we experience the things we do

Nancy Perry

your not going crazy…your just waking up the five stages of soul transformation process

dr. michael mirdads book,has helped me to understand that there is an easy way,and a hard my life i had chosen the hard with his book,i am learning to choose the easy also has helped me to realize that i am not crazy,and there are other people

Steven G. Mccullough

Another great book by Michael Mirdad

Another great book by Michael Mirdad. The book incorporates concepts from A Course in Miraxles plus Michael’s own unique perspective. Very helpful, exactly what I needed

B Ellsworth

Exactly where I was at

This book helped me to feel at home with what I was going through and know it is all okay.

Deborah Rose

Five Stars

Love this little gem!!!


Five Stars

It’s a wonderful book, very comforting when going through this incredible process

Wendy Askwith, United Kingdom

An “owner’s manual” for living through challenges

This book is wise and witty, much like Michael Mirdad himself. You’ll want to read through it more than once…savoring every word. It is an easy read that is full of insight…the prayers and exercises are tremendously helpful in guiding one through a dark time. It discusses the transformation process

T. Sue Collier

You’re Not Going Crazy…You’re Just Waking Up!

The book has arrived safely to my address and is in good condition. I can’t remember I bought this book as second hand or brand new but the condition of the book is as new. It arrived on the day I was about to fly overseas so I pack this


Going Crazy with Purpose

I have seen Michael a couple of times and heard him speak so very curious about the book. I know that the Course in Miracles is a Major teaching and yet at times it feels overwhelming . Appreciated his easy to understand interpretation of the material and application of the

Sue Ann

Five Stars

Best book ever that helped me recognize and stop repeated behavorial patterns. TY Michael Mirdad!


Motivating and Optimistic message.

Love it and shared it with several friends, a positive,optimistic outlook on life.


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The Seven Initiations on the Spiritual Path

Great info!

I loved this book! Awesome fir a beginner on the spiritual path or someone who’s studied for a long time! Well written and the information is presented clearly!

jacquie myers

Michael Mirdad Best Author!!

Excellent!! Michael Mirdad is just like Jesus! He’s brilliant and humble and just beautiful in every way!! This book is wonderful for anyone on the spiritual path! MM knows things we haven’t even thought of!!!

Susan, Canada

This book is very clear and easy to follow

As always when reading material or listening to Michael Mirdad’s work I come away with the answers I need in my spiritual quest. This book is very clear and easy to follow, I recommend it to everyone beginners and masters.

Jeannette Myers

A must read for everyone

Everything that Michael Mirdad writes is wonderful. He can change everyone’s life if they are open to it. A must read for everyone.


A life changer

The book is well organized. The author makes it easy to comprehend complex concepts, and then sends you on the path. A life creator.

Paul E. Kolodzinski

Well worth your time and money!

This book is an awesome collection of timeless wisdom that has helped me to gain so much more clarity on what I have chosen to learn through all of the experiences and seasons of my life. After reading and absorbing the valuable insights and information that Michael has shared within

Harmony Faith Blanchard

Very Interesting

A challenging read. Well-written. Good, yet difficult subject. A test to one committed to upward healing and Life change.

Rob Toth

Michael Mirdad Best Author!!

Excellent!! Michael Mirdad is just like Jesus! He’s brilliant and humble and just beautiful in every way!! This book is wonderful for anyone on the spiritual path! MM knows things we haven’t even thought of!!!


It is an out-picturing of practical suggestions to come to the spiritual path leading to peace and joy in this life

This is the first book of Michael Mirdad’s that I ever purchased. It has been a constant guide for walking and finding fulfillment on the spiritual journey. I am currently enrolled in his on-line course based on this book and can say without a doubt, all his books and courses

Joan Belle

A map that shows the way to everything.

This book is revolutionary. Most of us flounder through life wondering why things happen and struggling most of the way. This book gives you a step-by-step guide to true happiness, prosperity and inner-peace.

Josh R.

Life’s Tests Made Easy!

Ahh, The 7 Initiations of the Spiritual Path – “Understanding the Purpose of Life’s Tests” This book took me by the hand and lead me down the “easy” path to understanding what was happening to me as I began my own spiritual initiations. Dr. Mirdad’s style of teaching is so

Jennifer Jardine

The Seven Initiations of the Spirtual Path

Michael’s first book and still one of the best. Easy to read and understand the profound issues addressed. Says precisely what he has been talking about for many years. Reading it was like being in the room with him. Down to earth and to the point. I gave it as

Linda Pump

Michael Mirdad does a wonderful job of gifting us with messages that are applicable …

Michael Mirdad does a wonderful job of gifting us with messages that are applicable to everyday life. He explains the energy body and all the aspects that we need to understand to return to wholeness with a greater connection to God.

Melissa Oliver


Complex matter in simple Words. Mirdad is a Magician. A must read for every spiritual seeker. Never read a book like this.

Jaap van den Heuvel

The initiation of the Heart

Simpliciy with profound teaching. Love the book. Thank you Michael Mirdad!

D. McIntyre, Germany

decent material

fairly well explained information, I found it interesting.. some of a new perspective on other wise old information that was helpful


Initiations are entry levels of testing the whole.

The book is a great read! I highly recommend all Teachers, pastors and even Masters to read. Humbling and yet satisfying book of containing all basics of the thoughts “why is life so tough?”

Stephanie McAfee

Easy to follow guide for any spiritual journey

This is a little book that packs a huge punch. Very well put together and easy to understand. I love that it is not about making any path “wrong” and all events are useful, if we realize this. My favorite, learning lessons the hard way or the easy way…..”love and


The initiation of the Heart

Simpliciy with profound teaching. Love the book. Thank you Michael Mirdad!

D. McIntyre


I really enjoyed “The Seven Initiations on the Spiritual Path” book! This was the kind of book I couldn’t stop reading and will read again when I need Guidance. I have studied the Chakras and thought I knew, but this book brought deeper meaning to my chakras and who I


A Higher Perspective

This book will give you insights into your life’s journey and why you experienced the things you did. It takes all of our experiences and puts them into a higher perspective. From there, you can see the path clearly. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is serious about

Linda Mae Costello

Michael Mirdad is a master of warmth, humor, and integrity

I found this book after reading Michael Mirdad’s latest book, You’re Not Going Crazy…You’re Just Waking Up!¸ and I liked it just as much. In his wonderful teaching style, Mirdad does an excellent job explaining getting through the stages of healing and spiritual growth. I’m continually amazed at how concisely

T. Sue Collier

A beautifully compiled manuscript describing our evolution towards wholeness and bliss!

“The Seven Initiations” radiates an empowering, compassionate message explaining that the challenges we experience on earth are related to
seven major initiations everyone experiences. Dr. Michael Mirdad does a SPECTACULAR job explaining our spiritual evolution as human beings, while at the same time, relating each of life’s initiations to

Amazon Customer

Lifting the veil

Enlightened reading on how we are constantly struggling with life at every level , the ultimate goal is working out the solutions to the triggers in life and coming to the realization we are never separated from Mother , Father ,God .

Alda line

love this book

A must read for everyone searching, seeking and experiencing transformation. Michael answers so many questions…love this book. I had a hard time putting it down.


Solid resource to anyone starting on their Spiritual path

This is a really good book. It should be required reading for all teenagers. Here you get a complete look at what initiation is, how cultures viewed initiations, and what types of initiations there are. As you should fathom from the cover this book uses the chakra-initiation model. By that


Brings Clarity And Peace Of Mind

Michael Mirdad’s book is magnificent and insightful! I found “Seven Initiations Of The Spiritual Path” to be very detailed and effective in the sense it brings clarity and peace of mind to one’s life journey, which is in fact a spiritual path. One’s understanding is deepened with respect to life

Deborah Morrison

Balanced Sprituality

I loved this book!!! I have read many books over the last couple of years as I embarked on my own spiritual journey and I found this book to be one of the most balanced and thorough approaches to walking through the stages of healing and spiritul growth. The author

Bella Rae

Good Read

I really enjoyed this book and related so much to what was spoken on the 7 initiations. The points made were Crystal clear. Having read many books related to spirituality I find it difficult to find one that holds my interest anymore. This one did not fail and I breezed

Denny Holmes

Wonderful and practical guide for your Spiritual Path

The author describes in this book the diferent stages of the Spiritual path, and the diferent paths people may choose to do their Spiritual work, and how they look in our every day life, which is where most of us are doing our Spiritual work this days!!! I liked it


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An Introduction to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality

Intro to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality

This is a book on the topic of Sacred Sexuality and Tantra that is full of information yet graced with an ease of reading. It is perfect for someone just stepping into the discovery of ourselves as sexual beings on a spiritual level as well as those experienced in the

Nancy Perry

Five Stars

Great! Awesome! Thank you!

LDM, Canada

Four Stars

Very solid and adjustable

Ronald Cannon

An Introduction to To Tantra and Sacred Sexuality

Wow!!! What a book! Step by step intro to Sacred Sexuality, written with wisdom and a sense of humor. I never knew there was so much to learn about the sacred aspect of sexuality. As for Tantra Sexuality, I can’t imagine a more knowlegable book to read on the subject.

Linda Pump

Love in all its forms and intimacy

An incredible book regarding intimacy and the self in sex. Absolutely recommend it to all the people I know who are in search to gain a better understanding.


balancing healthy sexuality and spiritual grace for whole, joyful living

This wonderful little book introduces so much information about sacred sexuality and tantra, but is also easy for a novice to read and understand. The history, required elements, and healing benefits of sacred sexuality, as well as basic foundations for self-awareness and intimacy with others are taught with depth, simplicity


Simple and Enlightening Teaching of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality

A very special book that infuses the spiritual aspect of the person with the physical in a most balanced and healthy way in touching all aspects of our sexuality. It focuses on respect and love of the other as much as the self; this book presents a well balanced approach

Elisabeth Light

Five Stars

Love This!

Jamie Crider

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Sacred Sexuality: A Manual For Living Bliss

Easy read and in Depth Presentation of Tantric & Taoist Wisdom Based Sexuality

This book is a must and belongs on every bookshelf (not only tantric) of any family in the English speaking world and hopefully will be translated in many other languages soon. I found it very easy to read, quite enlightening as it combines the physical aspects of sexuality with the

Elisabeth Light

comprehensive, practical handbook to lead your sexual life into a more blissful, sweet, exciting realm

This is the book you need on your bedside. It worth read again and again: first time a surprise: woo, a new planet. second time: so many advanced ideas! third time: follow instructions.
Compare to similar tantric books, this one is well organized and handy. You will be surprised

Hong Zhu

Book is great educational reading

I like this book and came in mail quickly. Author of book and illustrations throughout are nice too. Book is worth the price and knowledge gained from reading.

Dennis Wainwright

Discover a whole new life

I am echoing all of the positive reviews posted already. Sacredness in sexuality was certainly a new concept for me, but Michael Mirdad–who is an excellent teacher–describes well how to awaken this “path of living bliss.” He handles a sensitive subject with beauty and grace. If you are looking to

T. Sue Collier

Sacred Sexuality

This book is a must read for anyone beginning their search into something a little deeper. It is a great beginner book for someone who is possibly more timid in anything with elaborate rituals. The exercises are simple and mindful.

Ruth R. Doe

Erasing the Stigma of Sex

Michael’s way of marrying spirituality with the physical act of sex is lovely and refreshing. Having so much taboo around sex in our society, how wonderful to have this subject shown and explained in a sacred, beautiful and thoughtful way. Helpful, informative and a must read for anyone wanting to


Great reference!

I first read this book in preparation for a seminar I was about to take. It raised my eyebrows more than once! Never had I seen a book that explained so much, in so natural a manner! There was so much information, it was overload… I confess, initially I didn’t


Most Comprehensive Manual For Living Bliss

This book is the most comprehensive modern work on sacred sexuality as an art of blissful living. I enjoyed it very much and found it helpful in my daily practices. The work is deep and detailed when needed and covers all aspect of the subject incorporating knowledge from deferent schools


Best Tantric Book for Beginners & Experienced Tantric Students

Written in beautiful Heart energy, this explicit workbook includes full explanation of anatomy function, with exercises for heartful tantric practice alone or with another, as well as healing of trauma which hinders the free flow of Eros. The clinical is expressed in easy to understand American verbiage in Michael’s unique

Mary Lou

Great For Starters

Not as advanced as I had hoped, as well as very male thought process in approach…but it was written by a male. Sort of hoping that this is just an intro to scared sexuality and further books will be much more indepth. Lots of anatomy, prerequisite and intro in this


believer and practitioner of sacred sexuality but this goes into …

believer and practitioner of sacred sexuality but this goes into open partner sluttery and really stands against any sense of deeper parts of relationships


this book should be required reading for humans

I support all previous reviews of this book..I will add..that as a student and teacher of sacred sexuality I’ve read many books on the subject but this one is my favorite by far! I highly recommend it to all of my students, men and women alike, because it is an


Four Stars

Such an important topic. Thank you, Michael Mirdad.


A Unique Book That Blends the Sensual and Spiritual

Sacred Sexuality: A Manual for Living Bliss:
This book truly is unique. Like no other book I’ve ever read, it is a marriage of body and spirit. Not merely a sex manual, the physical, sensual, spiritual, and mystical are gracefully and tastefully interwoven throughout the pages of this explicit

Lynne Matous

Fantastic book!

I loved this book. From someone brought up with a great deal of repression on the subject, this book and its exercises gave me a whole new outlook on the tremendously healthy act of sexual expression! Thank you Michael Mirdad for your great gift of teaching. Your perceptions continue to

Amazon Customer

Sacred Delight

Like a beautiful box of magical assorted chocolates that turn out to be sumptuous AND perfectly healthful and nutritious, Sacred Sexuality: A Manual for Living Bliss is an absolute delight! The material is diverse and tantalizing, chock full of high quality ingredients, and when you partake you end up nourished

Miradrienne Carroll

“Sacred Sexuality” teachings at is’t best!!!!

As a “Certified Sexual Healer”, “Intimacy Coach” and “Tantra Guide”, I am always looking for books to share with my clients on this most sensitive subject. Dr. Michael Murdad’s book “Sacred Sexuality”, A Manuel for Living Bliss has to be on of the most informational books on the market. Whether

Renee Savant

Competent writing

Competent writing
The author is knowledgeable about sexual matters and includes graphics to help understand what he’s speaking about. I recommend it to couples.

Joe DiBuduo

Four Stars

Very good book. Sometimes a little redundant but worth having in your library.

Nathalie, Canada

Everything you wanted to know about SS but were…

VERY interesting!!!!

Coffee Lover

Accessible and sexy!

This is one of the best books that integrates spirituality and sexuality that I have read. I’m a fan of David Deida’s work as well.

Judith Flynn

sacred sexuality

This book is fantastic. It will show you how your own body is a temple, it will show you how to connect your soul and the entire Universe with you, the complete you, the physical, the emotional, the spiritual and more. You will feel the real Love that is in

J. Perron

Five Stars




Spiritually and profoundly described sexuality and connection, highly recommend

D. McIntyre

Sacred Sexuality

Sacred Sexuality was very informative in a non-threatening way. I have spent many years not paying attention to my sexuality. It has caused me not only to miss out on a part of my life, but to create imbalance in it. Following some of the simple suggestions gave me an

K. Kirschner

Sacred Awareness

In “Sacred Sexuality: A Manual for Living Bliss”, Michael Mirdad has put forth a true teaching of the experience of sacred sexual union. With respect, dignity and diversity, in a manner that is instructive and informative, he leads us to a conscious sexual awakening. He does this not from a


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