Creating Fulfilling Relationships by Michael Mirdad

Creating Fulfilling Relationships

Turning Cell Mates Into Soul Mates

Relationships are at the core of all that we experience in this world. Every thought, feeling, word, and action is motivated by our relationship with God, ourselves, and others. This book is not about finding yet another date or becoming attached to yet another person whom we hope will “complete us” only to be let down once again.

Creating Fulfilling Relationships is about making all relationships (not just partnerships) healthy and fulfilling. It’s about being centered in our True Self, committing to self-healing, and sharing fulfilling relationships with others. The more we nurture and experience deep, authentic, fulfilling relationships, the happier we will be. This book covers every relevant aspect of relationships, from communication, sexuality, healing old wounds, setting healthy boundaries, soul mates & twin souls, to developing self-awareness and so much more.

Topics include:

  • Creating a Close Relationship with Spirit
  • Healing Old, Limiting Patterns
  • Improving Communication
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries
  • Creating Healthy Intimacy in Your Life

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Reviews of Creating Fulfilling Relationships

Best Relationships Book This Counselor Has Ever Read

Creating Fulfilling Relationships is a book like no other! This book takes relationships to the next level by explaining how to create real, long-lasting relationships with everyone…rather than merely telling us how to attract yet another partner. It addresses the importance and relevance of establishing a strong spiritual and psychological

Marie Henry

I have read most of Michael Mirdad’s teachings and like his other books

GOD First! And if you don’t know this reference, you should definitely read this new book by Michael Mirdad. He teaches the importance of mastering your on-going relationship with God and Yourself, and then “sharing” a healthy YOU with all others…..Spouses, Life Partners, Lovers, Friends, Family and ultimately, every person


Wonderful…and inspiring!!!

Everyone should read this!!!! Best book on relationships I have ever read…and will re-read many times. One person found this

Darlene Dray

Profound Insight!! A MUST read book for those …

Profound Insight!! A MUST read book for those who are ready to take relationships to an awareness level of self


Truly an amazing book.

Truly an amazing book…a manual for living life…a concise summary of the basic teachings of A Course in Miracles(ACIM) explained in simple language….a must to read on your spiritual


Four Stars

good information, sent copy to


Michael Mirdad hits the mark in his new book, Creating Fulfilling Relationships: Turning Cell Mates Into Soul Mates

There are many relationship books that are simply instruction books on how to find a significant other with whom one is a perfect romantic match. Many of these books offer little information that serves to help build skills to negotiate the challenges that can often arise in relationships. This type

Donna S. Priesmeyer

A Companion on the Road to More Harmonious Relationships

This is not just another typical book on relationships.It explores from a wider perspective: firstly our relationship with our True Source (God), secondly with our own self and then with others. Once we become centred in our True Self, the deeper and more fulfilling all our relationships will be, with

L. S. Harvey, United Kingdom

Healthy, Holy Relationships of all Kinds

Excellent insight into what makes healthy relationships of all kinds. Wisdom on avoiding codependent relationships (two wholes make the best romantic/life partners, not emotionally wounded or deficient individuals looking for a partner to “complete” them). Inspired guide to healthy, holy relationships for happy/harmonious living with friends, family and co-workers


Brilliant, Lucid

This book is a brilliant, lucid illustration of why relationships go wrong and go right. Want to heal your relationships? Read this book. Want to understand what boundaries are? Read this book. Want to learn about what delight is in store for you, once you master these principles? Read this

Wendy Treynor, PhD

Great read about relationships

I listened to the recording of Michael’s course on Relationships along with reading this book. It is very deep and points out to many aspects of how to deal with relationships. As always, I like Michael’s style of writing – simple and effective with a practicality. It helped me greatly

Jelena Polic

A Must Read for Creating Fulfilling Relationships…..and Life!

When thinking of a book on relationships, one usually thinks in terms of romantic relationships and how to get them and keep them. Creating Fulfilling Relationships is so much more. This book looks at the foundation of all of our relationships–our relationship with God and Self first, and then, from


I find that Michael has a way of expressing teachings in a way that are easy for me to incorporate

Reading this book brought me to a closer relationship with myself. Embracing more of my own needs and desires through connection deeper with God. I find that Michael has a way of expressing teachings in a way that are easy for me to


Do you need one suggestion for a gift to men …

Do you need one suggestion for a gift to men and women at ANY AGE that want a living breathing guide to how to come to PEACE-FULL, JOY-FULL relationships? This is the book that will give you a practical guide to that goal. It is realizing God first is the

Joan Belle

Holy Relationships!

I have read a lot of books on Relationships, but this is, hands down, the best I have read. Michael Mirdad’s style of writing is so clear and concise. What I really loved is that it isn’t just about romantic relationships, although it addresses that too. It’s about EVERY relationship

Linda Mae Costello

Practical Wisdom For Happier Connections With Others

This book is immeasurably valuable. We’ve purchased several copies to gift friends & family members going thru difficult times. There is clear advice for every kind of relationship that may trouble you… not only with a significant other or spouse. Michael Mirdad has a way of making the esoteric principles

Amazon Customer

… few or many relationships in life that keep you sad, angry or awake at night

If you have struggled with few or many relationships in life that keep you sad, angry or awake at night, this book can help you. If you have a few or many relationships in life that are filled with love and understanding, this book will reinforce those positive ones and

A. Warren

Five Stars

Goodvibesgirl, Canada

Helpful Information

I enjoyed reading this book because it caused me to review past relationships and to understand my part in the difficulties in those relationships. The information was presented in a clear format with a little humor added. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their relationships

Bee Jay


Very easy to read. Beautiful and deep messages. Definitely recommend to everyone. Connect with God first, then your true Self and

Liudmila Williams




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