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Honoring the Mother!

It’s great to feel springtime in the air. It’s a time of rebirth, love, life, healing, and sensuality—all of which are expressions of the Divine Mother (aka the Holy Spirit) and Earth Mother.

It’s so odd that so many people on the Earth are practicing some form of religion with the notion of worshiping only a masculine “Father” in Heaven. And the most ironic thing is that it is the Divine Mother who is God on Earth. This is the “Comforter” that Jesus specifically said he was leaving us with. It was the Divine Mother that birthed the Christ in him and he knew that we needed to be left in Her hands so she could birth the Christ in us.

The Holy Spirit, or Divine Mother, was the result of God extending Itself as Love in order to save Its Holy Children from their belief and experience of separation from God and from each other. When we, the Children of God, were descending into the universe, the Divine Mother became the Universal Womb in which to catch us when we “fell.” In so doing, it was certain that, even in the illusion, we could never be removed from God.

The word “matter” comes from the word “mother.” And the Mother loves us so much that She shifts from being the “unlimited Mother” to becoming “limited matter,” just so She can serve as a mirror of our beliefs so that she might assist us in changing our circumstances for the better.

She will play this game with us for billions of years, if necessary, until all of Her children have acted out the very last of their ego-based thoughts and beliefs and have chosen then to surrender all such things, thus making room for something new—the thoughts and beliefs of God. The ultimate goal then is to learn to surrender ourselves so much to Her that we begin materializing Her Will and Beliefs instead of our own.

God is God! It doesn’t ultimately matter what name we use—Father, Mother, Allah, Holy Spirit, Vishnu. What does matter is that we use a reference or name that allows us to feel the closest to our Creator. It just happens to make sense to use the Divine Mother as our reference to God because Mothers can give birth and our Heavenly Mother is working to birth the Christ in us all.

Love & Light, Michael Mirdad

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