The following is an edited except for the book “Love has Forgotten No One” by Gary Renard.

[In response to numerous articles by various authors and A Course in Miracles teachers who were criticizing Gary Renard and the success of his book, “The Disappearance of the Universe”]

In regard to the attack articles that had been written, I wrote a response article and answered the questions that were raised. After that, Michael Mirdad, a well-known author (as well as a respected Course teacher) wrote an independent response to all of the articles. It was titled A Course In Megafoolsand included the following:

For the most part, Gary recently offered his detractors, and all interested parties, a brilliant blow-by-blow defense that exposes many inconsistencies and un-truths. This defense has now been printed in Miracles magazine. In a human court of law, Renard would win, hands down. But it’s worth mentioning here that he might have the high road (as did Ken Wapnick) and ignored this who would attack him. Nevertheless, his choice to respond may also bring a greater good by exposing the hypocrisies that have infiltrated the Course in Miracles community (mainly some of its facilitators) and thereby turned away many from studying the Course.

I realized that Michael was right when he said I could have taken the high road and ignored the people who lived in glass houses yet chose to through stones. Not responding to my critics and not answering their questions had not been my guidance from Arten and Pursah; and in the past their guidance, in general, has served me very well. However, I figured the option to overlook those who would attack me could very well be my guidance in the future. Maybe it was time for me to just relax. I found that idea very peaceful, and…Pursah…confirmed it for me.