Is a Soul Mate a Twin Soul?

A soul mate relationship is an ongoing relation with another individual with whom a soul connects again and again in various times and places. A soul mate is definitely not to be confused with the term “twin soul,” which typically represents an individual’s “other half” that somehow enables that person to become complete.

The Real Purpose of Soul Mate Relationships

We all have more than one soul mate, which can be defined as an individual with whom we have previously been together, and find ourselves with again in a relationship in the present. We are attracted to another person at a soul level, not because that person is our unique complement, but because by being with that individual we are somehow provided with an impetus to become whole ourselves. From this perspective, soul mates are those relationships that assist each individual in his or her spiritual development and the inevitable attainment of wholeness. Soul mate relationships have a definite purpose but they are still typically “ordinary relationships among people who possess an extraordinary connection.”

A soul mate relationship enables both individuals to create healthier relations within themselves, with others, and with God. The connection is not just contained within intimate and/or sexual relationships, it also exists among parents and children, friends and family, and even work associates. So each individual has several soul mates to help him/her in their process of soul growth.

Soul Mate Encounters Are Not By Chance 

Soul Mate relations are not by chance, but instead, are fueled by a Divine purpose for the growth of all concerned. There are no accidents or chance encounters. Individuals are drawn together in the present because they have been together in the past. Nothing we learn from one another is ever forgotten just as every error we make with one another needs to be resolved.

We not only experience individual soul mate connections, but also groups of people whom we have worked, lived and fought with before. Although larger soul mate groupings seem to be secondary to a soul’s individual lessons, they still have a tremendous impact upon the people involved as well as within the community where they are living.

Twin Souls Unite to Serve Humanity

When it comes to the concept of “Twin Souls,” unity of purpose is what best describes the heart of a twin soul relationship. Rather than the focus being primarily a romantic or sexual relationship, the focus of a Twin Soul relationship is one of shared visions and purposes. Twin souls come together in order to fulfill some important work that they have in common. Typically, this relationship does not manifest as a romantic couple but instead as two people being brought together for a purposeful endeavor. For example, Helen Schucman (the scribe of A Course In Miracles) was the twin soul of her Co-Editor Bill Thetford. Edgar Cayce’s twin soul was not his wife but his stenographer Gladys Davies. Jesus of Nazareth and his mother, Mary, were twin souls. Also, it frequently occurs that parent-child relationships are that of twin souls. Somehow, by being together, twin souls can assist one another in achieving their joint mission in life.

The Difference Between Soul Mates and Twin Souls

Soul Mate Twin Soul Difference BetweenAll souls are individuals, and at the same time deeply connected to their Creator. Ultimately every person is an individualized portion of the same Whole. A twin soul relationship is not “better” or more important than a relationship between soul mates. However, twin souls do appear to have a unique and ongoing influence upon one another, similar to soul mates, throughout many of their incarnations. The primary distinction between the two is that soul mates are brought together as a means of assisting both individuals in soul growth while twin souls often come together in a joint task in effort to achieve an outcome that serves the Greater Whole of humanity. From his perspective, creating healthy, soul mate relationships with every individual in our life is one of our purposes for being on the earth. Yet, it should be noted that all relationships have the potential to be a helpful experience in terms of soul growth and personal transformation simply because we learn most about ourselves through our interactions with others. Further, the soul already possesses a pattern of perfection within itself just waiting to be awakened, which usually occurs through our deepest soul mate relationships.

The Soul’s Search for Wholeness

Soul Mate PurposeEventually, as humanity reaches a consciousness without separation, all souls will feel like soul mates. In fact, the more each soul becomes Whole, the more able it is to connect with other people. Again, individuals are attracted to one another primarily to provide the other with the impetus to become whole. From this perspective, the story of soul mates is really the story of each soul’s search for Wholeness. In other words, our search for our soul mates is really concealing our search for God. However, true Wholeness can only be accomplished as the soul reawakens to its True Spiritual Source.