When a light burns out, you change the bulb, flip the switch, and are again illuminated with warmth, clarity, and brightness. Other lights around you may even seem pale in comparison. Similarly, the human aura is an energy that radiates both warmth and light. The light that is observed in the human energy field varies in colors, shades, and tones-which everyone can learn to see and/or feel with very little effort. The human energy field is a real and very natural phenomenon that simply acts in a two-fold fashion. First, like a light bulb, it emanates the amount of warmth and light relative to the “Inner Warmth and Light” within each person. Second, it acts as a “force field” that protects, or rather, filters the things (thoughts, feelings, or objects) that come to each person.

Some ancient philosophies and religions have been contemplating the purpose of the aura for many centuries. However, science has only recently considered the idea of the human aura as a remote possibility. Most people studying this subject have heard of the famous Kirlian photographs that popularized the idea of an energy force field that surrounds not only the human body but even a tree leaf. It was found in this special technique of photography that if a cutting was taken from a leaf and then a Kirlian photograph was taken, the leaf would appear whole even though it was missing a portion of its body. From this, the term “Phantom Leaf” was coined which evolved into an understanding of what phantom limbs of the human body are. When a human limb is lost, a phantom (or etheric version) of the limb still remains intact causing actual sensation in the non-existing limb. For example, having an itch in a hand that is not there. A greater understanding of the “etheric anatomy” is essential for medical science to reach its greatest potential.

The Aura and the Body

So much can be said about how the aura relates to the body. For example, there is a direct relation to our state of health, our clarity of thinking, our sleep state, the healing of our body’s imbalances, our vitality level, and so on… One portion of the aura that is most commonly worked with is known as the “etheric double”. This term was coined because it describes how the aura acts as an outer duplicate, or mirror image, showing us what exactly is going on within. Ailments found on the inside will have a projected representation of the aura. The same goes for internal anxiety and even shifts within the acupuncture systems or chakras. So it stands to reason that balancing the projected disturbances found in the aura will have a definite effect on the internal influences. How permanent the healing is is always contingent on making internal changes whenever/wherever possible. This can involve changes in diet, attitude, or even medical intervention.

There are, however, numerous advantages to working on the outer energy fields. For example, it is far easier to access the external emanation than the internal organs themselves–not to mention that energy work is also easier to learn and can be done anywhere and anytime.

The Aura and Emotions

One of the most important functions of the aura is its ability to emanate outward that which we are feeling inside. It actually does show “our true colors”. Then, simultaneously, it keeps us protected from being overwhelmed by the myriads of thoughts and feelings being emitted by the people around us.

You may have noticed sometime in your life how you can walk into a room and feel uncomfortable. Perhaps an argument was just taking place or maybe someone in the room has a dislike for you. You can sense these things by the processing that your mind does with the thoughts and feelings being filtered through your aura.

When someone who is angry says “I see red” you can bet that their aura is red as well. When a person states that they are in a “blue mood”, their aura will have a dull blue hue to it as well. We simply cannot hide the feelings or thoughts that we are experiencing in our minds. It should also be mentioned here that the colors found in the aura can, and do, often change with each major shift in our attitudes. Therefore, if you were in a “red” state of rage, you could “choose again” and think of a calming blue light surrounding you. Your internal emotional state as well as your auric emanation would change in minutes. In this example, you can see how the change comes due to your attempt to: 1) calm down, 2) set your intent on a new focus, and 3) your aura absorbing the calm blue color being projected into it from your visualization.

The Aura of the Master

If you ever observe any form of spiritual art, you can often see some form of glowing light that radiates from those believed to be Masters or Holy figures. This is often called a halo. This radiance is always seen in paintings of Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna for example. It is the same thing being referenced in Biblical scripture as “the armor of the Lord”. Yet one of the most common misconceptions about attaining such auric perfection is that you can replicate this shield of light each time that you “surround yourself with white light”. Well, it simply does not work that way. Remember, as already mentioned, the aura is an emanation. This means that the light that surrounds you comes from your state of being on the inside. The quality of light that comes through the light bulb is still dependent on the quality of its source of power. When you focus on being all of the qualities that you know the “white Light” to have (i.e. warmth, compassion, protection, etc.), then and only then can you be sure that you have reached your goal. Yes, we can initiate changes from the outside but they should always be done in conjunction with our internal shifts.