The best definition of the word “channel” is that “someone is being a channel between two things”—two people, two worlds, two dimensions, and so forth. Another term for a channel would be a “bridge.” Ideally, we are all becoming channels/bridges of God into this world—and are doing so as directly as possible.

History of Channeling

The roots of channeling go back to times in Lemuria and Atlantis when “sensitives” were used as “oracles.” Later, the people of Israel called them “prophets.” Even King Solomon is well-known to have used spirits to guide or advise him. He was much like Merlin before there was a Merlin. But eventually, God told Solomon that he lost his “connection” to all things good because he became too dependent on the guidance of the spirits instead of Guidance from God. Fundamental Christians twisted this part of the Bible to mean that God frowns upon psychics and channels. But that’s incorrect. After all, God Itself uses some channels and psychics. Also, Jesus obviously shared his greatest teachings through modern-day channels. And Mother Mary used several children over the last hundred years to share her messages and prophecies. Being or using a psychic or channel is fine if such a person is humble and is a channel for God and not just for themselves (or fame and fortune).

A more modern version of these oracles—in the 1800’s—were referred to as “mediums,” who usually “channeled” discarnate beings during séances. Madame Blavatsky was the most popular of these during that time but she raised the bar a bit by channeling not just the dead relatives of audience members but rather, began channeling “Ascended Masters.” She was followed by other great people of her time including Alice Bailey and Rudolph Steiner. But in the 1900’s, Edgar Cayce raised the bar again as he became the most well-known channel of all time. But one major difference was that he channeled not discarnate entities or Ascended Masters but instead, he channeled the collective unconscious—aka the “akashic records.” And this is an important step for humanity because this was the beginning of us channeling “consciousness” rather than beings.

By the 1970’s another shift took place with channeling when Helen Schucman began hearing the voice of Jesus who dictated A Course in Miracles to her. And before we assume that this is a step backward into channeling deceased people, let’s be clear that Jesus isn’t a discarnate entity but is, instead, the Ascended Master of Masters. And he didn’t speak to her, as was the case with most channeled entities. Instead, she could hear his voice within her—in her mind. In other words, the voice was on the inside, rather than the outside. So mankind was then shifting from channeling dead people on the outside to consciousness (Christ Consciousness) on the inside.

Channeled Information Requires Discernment

But whatever channel a person chooses to follow or study, there are several ways to discern whether or not the entity or consciousness being channeled is “from the Light” or not. These include:

  • The channel should remain in control of the channeling—versus being controlled
  • The message should be clear and not too complicated
  • The message should be loving
  • The message should have value or serve a purpose or potential good outcome

Another useful means of discernment is to see if the information channeled stands up against previously accepted channels or channeled information. For example, since we know Edgar Cayce’s channeled material was greatly founded in a spirit of love, service, and humility, and had a greater accuracy level than any other psychic/channel in history, his work then serves as a good bar with which to measure other material. So when other channels come forward and stand up well to the Cayce material, it’s probably a good sign. If not, it’s more likely to be a bad sign.

In the 1980’s we started seeing another shift in channeling in that people began channeling beings from various star systems and dimensions. This gave rise to channeling beings from the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, and so forth. And, as with oracles, prophets, mediums, and channels throughout time, some of these were authentic and some were not.

Some Challenges

In the universe are several dimensions and most beings that are channeled are from the astral plane/dimension. But the astral plane is mostly filled with dead people—which means it’s not exactly the highest source of information. That’s why the information from such sources is so often inconsistent.

So when it comes to channeling, there clearly are some challenges. For example, some folks have decided that instead of consulting professional psychics and channels they would use tools to assist themselves in acquiring some form of guidance. Some of the most popular tools for this are the Ouija board and automatic writing. When asked about these, Edgar Cayce said they are not advisable. Professional demonologists seem to agree that the Ouija board is the most consistent suspect in homes that are researched and cleared of demonic or hurtful spirits.

Also, far too many of the people—past and present—who claimed to be channeling ended up losing their minds—to one degree or another. But why? It’s sometimes because they were channeling dark entities who used them for a while. It’s also because the thing most often missing—on the part of the channel—is the integration of the consciousness and the material being channeled. Most channels fail to integrate what they are channeling and so the variation of frequencies remains in conflict and causes disturbances in their mind and nervous system.

In Ancient Israel there was a high priest who would receive channeled messages from God through a tool called the “Ark of the Covenant” but if he was not in a good physical, emotional, energetic, and mental alignment, he would actually get fried to death by the energies in which he was not aligned.

So channeling, which we all do to some degree, ends up being one of life’s biggest challenges or tests. It’s because ALL forms of channeling urge us to “become” whatever we are channeling. If we don’t, we will pay the price.

If we use such gifts as channeling for things like fame and fortune, we are more likely to create bad karma or attract negative entities to come through us. Sometimes our gift of channeling comes from damage caused by abuse. If this is the case and we fail to complete our healing process, it can taint the messages coming through AND could further the damage done.

Channeling Christ Consciousness

On a personal level, people often ask me who or what I am channeling. And so I often explain that although I am open to any part of God’s Hierarchy of Light to work through me—provided it is God’s Will—I don’t do so in the traditional sense. Rather than a “being” borrowing me or my vocal cords to channel a specific message, I choose to integrate as much of God as possible into my consciousness and then let that be the messenger. In other words, I simply do my best to embody a constant channeling of Christ Consciousness.

Again, even if we are channeling something of a higher vibration, we have to integrate it or suffer some consequences. The thing is that we are asked to rise to the same level of vibration as what we are channeling. So if we channel higher consciousness and can’t seem to become that level of consciousness ourselves, then we shouldn’t be trying to channel something so high.

Jesus was the greatest channel of all. He technically channeled the Holy Spirit or Divine Mother as a means of awakening in him, the Christ. Then he channeled and integrated the Christ, and did so to the point that there was no longer a separation between the man—Jesus, and the Spirit—Christ.

So whether we channel our higher self, lower self, entities, or consciousness, it will always call us to become it. So it’s wise to ask ourselves what we are channeling—with our daily thoughts and words—because we will inevitably become what we think and speak.