No matter how far along you are on your spiritual path, you might still have those days when you are not sure if the “guidance” that you receive is real, accurate, and for your “higher good”. Guidance comes to us in various forms but we all develop a general pattern or favorite system. It might be dreams, channels, hunches, psychics, symbolic “coincidences,” and the list goes on. All too often we make the mistake of assuming that if a “sign” appears it must be from God and, therefore, worth pursuing. Then, if/when the guidance falls through or falters to some degree, we feel confused and perhaps blame the messenger or even God.

Divine Guidance Feels Uplifting

An article recently appeared on the front cover of a major New Age Magazine that stated if your guidance did not cause pain or discomfort, then it was probably not from the Divine. The author reasoned that guidance encourages growth, which comes from learning painful lessons of life. Hopefully, by now we have reached a point in evolution wherein we can see that neither growth nor guidance need be painful. In fact, it stands to reason that the closer you are to the Divine (which is a state of Love and Joy) the more you feel similar attributes. Think about it! When you meditate (i.e., get closer to God) you usually feel uplifted. Getting guidance is the same thing. It should carry with it a sense of upliftment–a message of Love.

Divine Guidance vs. Ego

As a general rule, it can be said that Divine Guidance versus ego looks like this:

Encourages healing and love Avoids healing & forgiveness
Is simple Is complicated
Is inspirational Creates doubt/difficulty
Brings joy Breeds anguish
Creates comfort Creates fear
Is focused/clear Is scattered/erratic
Creates Win-Win Someone gains/someone loses

The source of your guidance is also something worth practicing discernment. For example, if you are using a counselor or a divination tool (i.e., tarot, astrology, psychic, etc.), use one that feels good to you but always pray before consulting/asking a question. Positive guidance is also typically not flavored with conditions. If someone offers you land, money, or a blissful relationship but it has overt or covert strings attached–think again. It might be tough, but stick to your integrity.

What about moments of doubt?

Go easy on yourself. Everyone has those moments when they doubt even the clearest messages or fail to heed warnings that might have saved them a bit of misery. One of the best tools during either of these times is to pray. Focus on surrendering any obstacles you may have that are blocking the guidance (even if you do not know what the obstacles are). In the case where you have failed to beware (be aware) of a message regarding a certain direction in life, you should focus your prayers on forgiving and letting go of the guilt that you might impose on yourself.

What if it looks like your prayers for guidance are not producing answers?

Remember that all prayers are answered. If you don’t see the results, it means that: 1. The answer came but in a form that you didn’t expect. Therefore you missed it. 2. The answer that you really needed was not something you were willing to accept (i.e. something you would interpret as too fearful). For example, if you were praying for Guidance on a way to relieve debt, your answer might be to walk away from your home. This could produce so much fear that you would become incapable of hearing the message.

This is why it is important to be willing to surrender our investments and attachments to people and circumstances when we are asking for guidance. An attitude of surrender will open the flow for Guidance and Miracles, while control and fear will constrict the answers.

What about other people who question your guidance/direction?

To paraphrase an old Bible passage: ‘Let others do as they may but as for me, I will serve the Living God (i.e., follow my bliss).’ When you are making decisions and choices in life out of fear or judgment, you can generally assume that your ego is controlling your thoughts, which will show up in the outcome. On the other hand, when you have a calm knowing that you are being guided to act upon something, you will probably see great results.