An Introduction to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality by Michael MirdadDo you ever get tired of hearing people talking the spiritual talk but not living it—fully? I’m not just referring to the usual problem of people not “walking their talk.” I am referring to those who only live their spirituality in their head. Of course, it’s wonderful that they have at least some form of connection to spirituality, but their life will go to a whole new level when they learn to live all that they believe in their physical, emotional, and intellectual lives as well.

We are meant to come to life! If we are not yet fully living our spirituality in mind, body, and soul, then we are not really living it at all.

But why would any of us not choose to live our lives in a truly holistic way? For some people, it’s because they are afraid. For others, they might not even know that they are not fully living. Whatever the case, we should be asking ourselves what WE are going to do to raise the bar on our level of fulfillment.

Living Mastery is Being Fully Alive

There are a few ways of living: Being asleep, being awake, and being fully alive. Those who are asleep are pretty obvious because they are oblivious to life’s deeper calling. Those who are beginning to wake are those who have begun to get on their healing and/or spiritual path but might not yet have made their life a fulfilling life—holistically. Being fully alive can be referred to as “Living Mastery.” Does it mean we are perfect? Of course not! But it means that we know the right direction for us and are committed to moving in that direction.

Use the following list (although not extensive) to see how you are doing in the development of mastery. On a scale from 0-10, take a moment to see how you would rate each of the following topics: health, vitality, sexuality, finance, relationship, family, organization, humanitarianism, creativity, and spirituality. Ideally, these would all be pretty balanced and should rate a pretty high number—at least a 7. Anything less indicates what exactly it is that you need to get to work on.

Everyone Can Live the Life of a Master

In ancient times it was taught that the path to Mastery was for only a “few” select individuals. Yet, the limit in numbers that was once imposed was because of our own lack of faith and self-worth. The door is now open for everyone to walk forward and claim, practice, and live the life of a Master. If we are properly integrating spirituality into our thoughts, words, and deeds (as Buddha, Jesus, and Zarathustra suggested), then our life will reflect it in our attitudes, health, relationships, finances, and in all other aspects. This is living the life of a master because a master is defined in two ways: first, they are well connected and committed to the Spirit, and second, they live their connection to the Spirit in all aspects of their life—from body to soul.

Now, of course, there are lots of folks who say that they do indeed live their spirituality in all areas of their life but they take no time to nurture their creativity. Or, perhaps it’s their health that they neglect, or maybe their sensuality, or maybe their relationships. But again, a master lives their spirituality in all areas of their life–even in such day-to-day areas as decision-making.

True Spirituality Means Living the Christ Life

Since true spirituality is never void of application, we can rest assured that being committed to living fully assists us in all facets of our lives. Also, a master chooses to love all that they do and do all that they love, which means living the Christ life and feeling guided all along the way, with a true sense of self-love and Love for others.

Again, this is no longer the path for “the few” but instead, it is what’s meant to be for everyone. Mastery and the remembrance of our Divinity are inevitable. We simply decide when we want to experience it.