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In my time of teaching for over 35 years, there is no doubt that one of the most popular and crucial topics is that of “relationships.” In just as long a period of doing private sessions, once again, the topic of relationships is at the top of the list–not just partnerships but all forms of relationships.

Having worked with celebrities and millionaires, I can say unequivocally that not all human beings struggle with financial issues. Working with people of all ages–many taking good care of their health–not all people struggle with health issues. But no matter how famous, wealthy, good-looking, or healthy we might be, everyone seems to struggle (far too often) with relationships.

This is totally understandable, considering that all of our interactions with human beings end up as one type of relationship or another. But what is not understandable is why people allow themselves to remain so perplexed and dis-empowered around the topic. It’s really not that complicated. If we have issues in our relationships, it’s never an accident or coincidence. Instead, the roots of such issues lie in one of the following areas of our own unhealthiness or neglect, which means that improving upon these areas increases our odds of having fulfilling relationships. These areas are:

  • Having a strong and faithful connection to God
  • Being a psychologically healthy human being
  • Being a responsible human being
  • Being committed to honest and clear communication with all people we meet
  • Practicing the art of healthy affection and kindness

But again, people tend to remain perplexed by the unhealthy status of their relationships (which includes the status of not having a relationship). Men, all-too-often, prefer ignoring their relationship issues until it’s too late to repair them. Women, all-too-often, run around trying to find a solution to the relationship issues or instead, do the opposite and drop into a slump of despair that there is no solution for their current problems or that there is no chance of finding the healthy partner of their dreams.

My advice to men is that if you are not willing to step up and meet your partners (male or female) at the level of their concern and together find a solution of how to joyously stay together or joyously part ways, then you should cut your partner loose and release them from the captivity of hope that they hold. To not do so ensures some very bad karma for keeping them hostage–literally or figuratively.

My advice to women is that you accept that even if there is a “dream partner” out there, they are a “dream” and not a reality. So stop dreaming. Get in your body and recognize what’s not working and fix it or bid it farewell. Also, you need to know that it’s far better to be alone, learning to take care of yourself than it is to fall prey to the ignorant words of your friends and family members who persist in trying to guilt you into finding a partner (and/or having children) or else it means you are somehow less than a valuable and complete person. THEY ARE WRONG!

To both men and women, I say, stop using other people as your excuse for being held back from moving forward on your spiritual path. And stop giving your relationships titles and roles that simply are not there. Don’t expect romance from a friend; don’t expect true partnership from a housemate; don’t expect love and safety from people you assign to use you or to be used; and don’t refer to your relationship as a romantic partnership if you haven’t been intimate for months or years. This only leads to more bad karma and bewilderment. Instead, be honest with yourself and each other.

And, stop fooling around and having affairs. Why lower yourself to being second on someone else’s list of priorities? And why put yourself into the position of creating bad karma for the harm you are causing to all other people involved in the affairs? Instead, treat yourself with the same love and respect you would advise to anyone else you care about. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to have more than one intimate friend but such is only healthy when there is a clear agreement around it between all parties involved.

There is simply NOTHING more important than your relationships with God and yourself, and your personal awakening. Nothing else matters because everything else is just a reflection of yourself and holds no real value other than facilitating our lessons. So learn your lessons faster and release everyone from playing their karmic roles, thus releasing everyone (including yourself) to a world of peace. Take responsibility for your release and the release of the world.

The bottom line is that it does us no good to eat right, do yoga, and try to become increasingly more prosperous if, in our heart, we continue to fail to recognize our value and bargain ourselves away to others for the mere “hope” of getting something from them.

If people truly love us, then the gifts they bring to the relationship should come easily, naturally, and often. If such is not the case, it’s either because we don’t believe we deserve it or it means that our partner is incapable or unwilling to offer it. If this is the case, why sit around and wait for it? Isn’t that a general description of insane behavior?

Instead, let’s create the love where we are, or walk away and create it for ourselves. Chances are, before we know it, we will find we can easily create at least as much love as our former unhealthy relationships offered, and probably more. Although we will sometimes wonder if we are crazy for daring to make such a move, more often than not, we will ask ourselves why we didn’t make this move sooner.

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One of the most effective aspects of this workshop is how well Michael combines various learning tools—lecture material is preceded by yoga, spiritual meditation is followed by camaraderie and movies, intellectual interpretation of bible passages assignments were offset by breath-work. My heart, mind, body and soul were totally engaged in the process and made INTEGRATION so much easier. The information, new beliefs, etc. literally became a part of me—never again to be separate from me. What I like the best about the way Michael teaches is that he offers us the most esoteric, intuitive and imaginatively spiritual concepts imaginable as the what. But then he backs it up with the why and the how. Personally, I need all three to really understand, accept and live a concept and Michael is one of the few teachers who has ever given me all three. There are no words to explain what the final ceremony was like for me. It’s the most intensely beautiful feeling I’ve ever experienced. Plain and simple. The most important thing I can say about Michael, as a teacher, is that I can’t believe I’ve been lucky enough to run across someone with his gifts. It’s obvious that he’s been places few other have been. His energy doesn’t even look like other peoples. I now trust him as much as I’ve ever trusted anyone. I also really value the goofball aspect of his personality!

Marti HI

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