It’s now the start of a new year and is a perfect time to assess how your life is going. In so doing, you can also gain the necessary insights into what minor or major adjustments you might make (followed by proper actions) to improve your life.

As you take a moment to review your life, do what you can to determine if your health, finances, knowledge, inner peace, unconditional love, relationship, work, parenting, etc.… are improving or not. If you can say “yes” to all of these, then great! It means you have little or no amount of change to make in your life. If, however, you said “no” to any of these, it might be telling you exactly where you need to do your homework for the next phase (year) of your life. And, as often said, “You will make these changes either the easy way (as a conscious participant) or the hard way (with denial and resistance, thus causing crisis).”

So let’s approach these changes from two sides: 1. Release the old. 2. Bring in the new. To get us started with “releasing the old,” take a moment to reflect on and release anything you choose to leave in the past and would not want to take into the next phase of your life. Perhaps you could write these things down, along with any hurt or unresolved feelings, then burn the paper and give it ALL to God. Then, begin making healthy new plans for a new life—all based on a greater level of Love and Self-Worth.

Once we successfully release the old (to any degree), we must have a clear commitment to “bringing in the new.” Here’s where you can evaluate your life and determine which areas you are prepared to see and experience differently. Let’s look at several options. . but be sure to select at least a few (or make up some of your own) and then stick to your plan of improvement permanently—or as long as you can.


(Print this out or perhaps make your own checklist to make sure you apply your chosen steps toward a better life.)

PHYSICAL: Diet (add good supplements to your diet, eat less junk food and eat more alkaline foods such as veggies), Exercise (stretching and cardio for at least 30 minutes per day), Prosperity (create a prayer wheel that features what new things you choose to have in your life), Sexuality (find a way to become more at peace with your body and its desires), Surroundings (clean out your closets, house, car, etc…and give away everything you do not need or use on a regular basis), Self Care (get a regular massage and/or other forms of health care and pampering), and Service (find a way to be of service and bring good to people around you).

EMOTIONAL: Counseling (be sure to get counseling or use breath-work and/or other means of getting yourself clear of old, toxic emotions), Partnerships (get couples counseling for your intimate relationships—especially if there are issues with communication or intimacy), Friendships (make it a point to open up to and nurture healthy, close friendships), Healing (besides counseling, use progressive healing techniques and prayer to help release old emotional wounds).

INTELLECTUAL: Study (read healthy new materials on a regular basis to expand your mind and exercise your brain), Focus (practice concentration exercises, as well as sticking to things you start), Organize (learn better time management, use a daily planner, and get some assistance organizing your office, home, and finances).

CREATIVE: Imagination and Visualization (use visualization as a regular part of your daily practice, as it nurtures your heart and soul), Art (choose some form of creative expression—music, painting, etc.), Dance and Sing (play your favorite music—especially music that lifts you and inspires you–and sing along and/or dance freely).

SPIRITUAL: Prayer and Meditation (begin and end your day with at least 10 minutes of prayer and meditation), Forgiveness (continually practice forgiveness for those who you feel have harmed you in any way, as well as forgiving yourself), Gratitude (give thanks on a regular basis for all the lessons you have learned and the gifts you have received), Love (practice turning all expressions of love into a greater level of Unconditional Love).

By looking at the options above, you might recognize which areas you are lacking development, as well as learn which specific skills or habits you might nurture to create and/or maintain a healthier life. Be careful though: one of the biggest pitfalls on your path toward a better life is to assume that it’s acceptable to nurture only one or two of these areas that are the easiest and most preferred, while of course neglecting other areas that are more difficult and less preferred. Instead, the best goal is one of balance, even if it means learning to love and nurture areas of your life that are, for reasons known or unknown, less liked or desirable.

Once you have developed most, or all, of these facets of your life to a fairly balanced level, you will find yourself reaching new heights of peace and fulfillment. With this newfound fulfillment, you will have begun to nurture one of the most important facets of your spiritual life—Mastery.