I love your book, “You’re Not Going Crazy…” It has been an invaluable source of information and guidance for me during this past year. I’ve even read it twice already. Question: Do you think the process of transformation is ever complete? I’ve sometimes assumed I was really done with some issues only to find them recurring.

Sincerely, Kit

Dear Kit:

Many thanks for your email and question. As mentioned in the “You’re Not Going Crazy . . .” book, feeling as though you are going through seemingly endless cycles of healing the same old issues is actually relatively normal. I know it gets “old” having to deal with issues of the past but if the issues were healed, they would not be recurring. It’s as simple as that. If stuff comes up, then it must mean there is something there worth healing. That which seems like the “same old stuff” is NEVER exactly the same. If you’ve done any healing work on it, then it must always be a deeper version of our unhealed wounds. But the purpose of old issues entering your life is not just to give you something to work on. Instead, these moments are also great reminders that we are also supposed to be replacing the old patterns with new, positive patterns. So be sure to take advantage of these moments. Use them to heal, as well as to re-fill the past with a greater quantity of God’s Presence.

Love & Light, Michael Mirdad