"Just a note to say that your article on Kindness was EXCELLENT, on about a bajillion levels. Kindness is a concept that I have been trying to find more fully within myself and this takes it a step further. Plus, Michael is such an excellent example of it, so we [...]

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Learning on All Levels

"Dear Michael: I am wishing to express gratitude for your articles and have been working on studying your book Sacred Sexuality in my spare time. The world needs this information very much, far too long have we been distorted verses natural, thank you for standing up. Your books and articles [...]

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Finding an Oasis

"Michael, I just have to write and say thank you.for everything: honoring your truth, presenting what you know/live, being a living example of where I want to be in my walk, etc. As I read your articles on the website, I'm so excited to find someone talking about exactly EXACTLY [...]

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"Fabulous newsletter! This hits the mark! I will share: I suffered from complacency for quite a few years. It kills us 'slowly from the inside out.'"

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