“Dear Michael: I am wishing to express gratitude for your articles and have been working on studying your book Sacred Sexualityin my spare time. The world needs this information very much, far too long have we been distorted verses natural, thank you for standing up. Your books and articles are very inspirational and motivating; in all honesty I keep your book on The Seven Initiations with me at all times. It has so assisted with those moments of disorientation. The hardest part has been seeing those I thought to be in alignment with the Divine and finding that sometimes they are not. This saddens my heart. It is as if they sensed the change within me and I so became an out-cast and the focus of their hate. But sending them only love is the key. Recently I was blessed with employment, and when I receive my first paycheck, I would like to donate to your retreat center. You have helped me and I would like to do the same in return.”

–Lady J