I pray that each of you enjoyed the Holiday Season and are preparing for a wonder-filled year. We (at The Global Center for Christ Consciousness) are starting the new year by thanking everyone for being so loving and supportive of our/your spiritual center–and under our new name. We are also grateful that we are living up to the name and the vibration of such a name.


Technically, we can begin a new year any day of the year, mainly by making a conscious choice to start a new life. This is somewhat synonymous with being “born again.” But January 1st marks the literal beginning of a new year, which makes it a highly auspicious time to take our lives to a whole new level–creating more love, peace, joy, and abundance. These are traits many people have given up on, while others have decided to manifest through a greater use of their own will-power. But only those with the highest level of consciousness know that it’s best to co-create this new life with God as our Guide.


There is such a buzz in the air that is coming from our excitement for the many things we are co-creating for 2023. To begin with, we have our best year of workshops, concerts, and other special events lined up. We will likely sponsor the annual “Global Spiritual Awakening Conference,” which features the world’s most gifted spiritual teachers. We also have begun a FREE monthly prayer vigil, wherein attendees are learning to nurture a greater connection with the Holy Spirit (Divine Mother) and to Christ. Last, but not least, we are launching into the New Year with our annual Sunday afternoon workshop on “Co-Creating a New Life,” which is life altering–especially with the tools and techniques we are adding to the workshop this year. So be sure to register right away, as the workshop is this week. And remember, you can register and watch the presentation at any convenient time. [See the ad below for more details.]


Where we can most use your support (besides by continuing to attend our Sacred Sunday Services and numerous other events), is by helping us financially to manifest new carpet throughout the building AND to possibly purchase the property next door to us so we can expand our back yard area. If you feel called to assist, please let us know. And again, have a great new year.


Love & Light

Michael Mirdad