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A Special Three-Hour Presentation with Michael Mirdad

This event is being presented an online workshop OR live at Unity of Sedona.

Each year for the past 20 years, Michael Mirdad has taught a 5-day Intensive on Living Mastery, which has changed the lives of many hundreds of people. Now, some of the primary concepts of the intensive are being presented in this special 3-hour workshop. Attendees can attend in person at Unity of Sedona or can participate through our online live stream. Be sure to register soon and be ready for a life-changing experience!


  • Spiritual Mastery—Opening the Heart
  • Mental Mastery—Developing Greater Focus
  • Emotional Mastery—Transforming Trauma
  • Physical Mastery—Grounding our Spiritual Studies in Practical Application
  • Also, Learn the Primary Concepts for Living Mastery

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“There aren’t words to adequately express our gratitude for the difference Michael Mirdad has made in the lives of so many of us at Unity. The reception for him is extraordinary and draws an unusually large attendance.”

Rev. Jerry Bartholow, Author/Minister, Unity Church

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