Dark Ages or Renaissance-Michael MirdadWe’re not going crazy . . . we’re just waking up! It’s actually quite normal for us to feel like we’re going crazy when we are going through dramatic shifts into higher consciousness. This applies not only to individuals but also to the entire human race.

That’s right! We, as a race (and as a Nation), are going through the “Dark Night of the Soul!” We may be feeling like we are going crazy, but in fact, we are in the midst of a global awakening.

Everything on Earth occurs in cycles. This includes Earth changes, economic ups and downs, weather changes, political issues, and so forth. Geologists know that this planet has been inundated with disasters before and that such disasters will come again. There will always be cycles (apparent ups and downs) in this world. This is why both Jesus and Buddha referred to this planet as a place of suffering. They were trying to convey that if we allow ourselves to get caught up in the ups or downs, then we are contributing to the inevitable path of suffering because we are making the world of duality (illusion) our “reality,” thus making it real for everyone else as well.

As healers, awakened ones, miracle workers, or any being of light, it is our responsibility to demonstrate a centeredness of love, trust, and faith in the One World of Spirit, wherein all is always well. Yes, it’s okay to respect the illusions of this world, knowing that there are moments when we file our taxes, pay our bills, get our medical check-ups, and see our couple’s counselor. But we also must remember that one of the primary signs of waking up from the dream of being apart from the Spirit is that we begin feeding our souls more than feeding the illusions of our ego. So if we have lost a job, we should begin preparing for the one we were always meant to have, rather than settling for another that is not our soul’s purpose. If our relationship is in crisis, maybe it’s time to either part ways or go to couples counseling and no longer settle for complacency. One thing is for sure, any attempt we make to continue to think or to do things the way we always have before will bring us greater heartache than ever before. It would behoove us to get on board and ride the wave of global transformation by maintaining our center and getting our priorities straight.

Using the Arthurian Legends as a metaphor for our current times, the Arthurian Period was like a renaissance for the people of that region, but at some point, the people lost sight of their priorities and their Divine purpose (i.e. anchoring God’s Presence to the Earth plane). This was symbolized in the loss of the Holy Grail when the knights got caught up in their personal dramas, which led to the eventual breakdown of Camelot—a microcosm of Heaven on Earth. The moral of this story is that when we no longer make our relationship with Spirit our first priority, as well as choosing to nurture love in our personal relationships, we are in for a lot of trouble. As Jesus put it, “Love God and love each other as I have loved you.”

I recall being on a particularly rough flight, wherein the passengers were certain we were going to crash. The only thought for me (besides choosing to be centered) was to ask myself, “Do my life and my relationships feel complete?” This question was not in the context of personal ego achievements as much as in regard to my relationships, as these are all that truly matter. During that moment of self-inventory, I can’t tell you how peaceful it felt to answer with a resounding, YES! It felt incredible just knowing that on that day if my body ceased to exist on the material level, I knew with total certainty that I felt love for all beings AND made it a practice to consistently say it and demonstrate it to my friends, my students, my children, and even my ex-wife. You see, it’s never been about how much we know, how much we make, where we’ve been, or what we’ve done. The only thing that really matters (and should be a priority) is how much we love. This is ever so important because if we pass from this plane of existence with even one relationship left unhealed (and not filled with love), we’ll be back to do it all over again!

Approximately 25 years ago, the New Age movement experienced a renaissance, as did the rest of our country. But too many people, including the spiritual teachers, lost sight of their true purpose—the Grail—which is to manifest the Light of God in the world. Like the people of the Arthurian Period, the loss of Spirit has once again resulted in the loss of the life we once knew, which shifted us from a healthy time for a great number of people to a period of having health challenges, and from a highly prosperous period to one of financial strain for many. It’s not too late though . . . there’s still time to recognize what is happening and turn it around. To fail in this will surely result in greater issues around the planet. Again, we must get our priorities straight!

Several years ago, I wrote an article regarding this growing amount of greed in the world’s leading spiritual teachers. To me, this was a glaring sign that things were getting out of hand. It was just a few months later that our government announced that we had entered an economic recession. I knew in advance that if our “spiritual” teachers can’t see the economic error of their ways, then who is going to lead the Earth and its inhabitants into a new prosperity consciousness, wherein we share the abundance that is truly infinite? In other words, when I saw that the so-called “spiritual leaders” were contributing to the problem by jockeying into position to “get more,” rather than laughing at the urge and reminding everyone to keep their priorities straight, it was a sure sign that “the blind were leading the blind.” A better option would have been for more teachers (which includes you, the reader) to disconnect from the hypnotic trance of “trying to get more” and instead, recognize what was happening and do what they could to break the trance.

Being a spiritual teacher is not just about writing and selling books. We are here to set an example and to assist during troubled times–helping others personally and/or globally. So, where are all the REAL teachers? Where are the REAL Spiritual Leaders? Where did all the churches and spiritual centers with higher values go to?

People of a higher consciousness are needed NOW like never before. I can assure you, this will not be found in many of today’s popular teachers. The ones who will soon be playing the role of healers and spiritual midwives to the birthing of a new consciousness on Earth will be YOU! Most of the world’s spiritual teachers have failed their role and so we will soon see how the students will become the masters and will stand up to be counted, and be used by Spirit to facilitate the Grand Awakening.

The world we see is a mirage made up of all our thoughts and beliefs, as well as the collective thoughts and beliefs of all humanity. A world of fear, loss, pain, and suffering cannot be a world that God created, as God (being only Love), is only capable of creating in Its Image of Love, Peace, Joy, and Abundance. To align ourselves with God’s version of this world and our true destiny, we must reconnect with the Spirit and then channel that connection into the Earth plane until we can no longer tell the difference between Heaven and Earth.

A practical way of expressing this means having some form of authentic spiritual practice, as well as consistently expressing love in our personal relationships and to all whom we meet. Let’s not allow the signs of the times to go unheeded. Be one of the sane, “chosen ones” (ones who choose) who say farewell to the old dreams of fear, conflict, and poverty consciousness and awaken to the life God has provided all along. To choose otherwise is a sign of being “crazy” and leads only to living in an insane world. Do you want to remain crazy and move back into the Dark Ages or awaken from the dream and live in a New Renaissance? The choice is ours and is being made every day.