"Brilliant is the first word that comes to mind when we think of Michael Mirdad. Each time we hear him speak, he takes us to a deeper level of knowledge and understanding."

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Consciousness Raising

"In the most fun-loving and down-to-earth fashion, Michael Mirdad is assisting in the consciousness raising and broadening of personal perceptions, which are changing society. I was personally touched by the sincerity and love which is the basis of his work."

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World Class Teacher

"Michael Mirdad is a world class teacher who has earned the respect of countless students and teachers both in and out of the A Course in Miracles community. He teaches with great knowledge and authority, and I highly recommend him on both a professional and personal level."

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Very Moved

"As a channel for Mary Magdalene and communicator of her teaching, I'm particularly sensitive to how other spiritual teachers relate to the Feminine. I attended one of Michael Mirdad's presentations at Unity of Sedona and was very moved. In Michael's message, I heard a strong voice of the Masculine that [...]

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Spiritual Heights

"Michael Mirdad brings incredible joy to everything he does and shares. He is simple. He is profound. He is everyman. He is unique. He is, in fact, unique in being SO unique. He brings spirituality down to earth. He raises life on earth to spiritual heights. Put any form of [...]

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Speaks from his Heart

"Michael Mirdad speaks from his heart and reaches directly to the heart of his audiences. Michael's entertaining anecdotes combine perfectly with his wealth of knowledge and passion for teaching. But one of the things I love most about him is his commitment to teaching Christ Consciousness. I respect and love [...]

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Open Hearted

"I had a wonderful time leading Dances of Universal Peace at the Living Mastery Workshop. Being a dance leader is akin to being an orchestra conductor: the skill and direction of the conductor is important, but so is the composer, and of course, the orchestra itself. I must say that [...]

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Light and Knowledge

"Michael Mirdad is an ancient soul with a profound wealth of light and knowledge. If you will trust his intent and open to his wisdom and expertise, he will catapult you to a new, quantum level of energy and understanding."

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Integrity of the Purest Kind

"As a speaker, Michael Mirdad is clear with a practical grasp of the on-going journey of transformation; as a messenger of light, he is integrity of the purest kind. He energizes the space around him with truth, playfulness and openness"

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Gifted Speaker

"Michael Mirdad is an eloquent and very gifted speaker who truly inspires each person to a higher level of awakening and self-realization. He is a brilliant, inspired, and passionate soul who has a great gift for communication, openness, and sharing higher Truths. Michael is able to deliver from the heart [...]

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