A very special book that infuses the spiritual aspect of the person with the physical in a most balanced and healthy way in touching all aspects of our sexuality. It focuses on respect and love of the other as much as the self; this book presents a well balanced approach to a delicate subject. It is a manual for living a more harmonious sexual life with spiritual grace and to reclaim the total body experience about which most people have very little knowledge. I gave it to my teenage son as a gift. This manual should become mandatory reading in every high school so as to make the future generation aware of the importance of honoring one’s body in a sexual sharing context and for a healthy transition into adulthood. I also recommend it to any age group as the manual takes into consideration all facets of sexuality and insists on the experience of rediscovering the soul by manifesting love through the body.
Michael Mirdad is a rare egoless teacher who honors each individual’s aspiration to return to a more balanced and healthy sexual life even after trauma and abuse. Dr. Mirdad challenges us to live in the aliveness of the present moment by choosing to experience our sexuality in a state of grace.

Elisabeth Light