I’ll repeat myself by saying that this is a beautifully-package and well-written book by a modern-day spiritual master. It is simple, yet profound with lots of subtle bits of humor sprinkled in. This is a book of ancient wisdom told with modern terms like “download this into your mind.” This is my second full reading of the book in the last four days. It has the feel of a workshop with its lessons, exercises, examples, and prayers. I plan on keeping this book by my bed so that I can read the prayers before I go to sleep at night. I’ve been through several crash and burn situations in my life that have been largely unnoticed by anyone except me. I now realize the value of fully understanding the Dismantling, Emptiness, and Disorientation phases of the Soul Transformation Process. During my tough times, I didn’t know how depressed I could get, how I’d lose friends, and how I’d be subjected to unkind ridicule. Now I know that’s all part of the process.

Steve Nakamoto - Author of Talk Like A Winner - Men Are Like Fish - Dating Rocks - Wall Street Craps