This book is a must and belongs on every bookshelf (not only tantric) of any family in the English speaking world and hopefully will be translated in many other languages soon. I found it very easy to read, quite enlightening as it combines the physical aspects of sexuality with the spiritual dimension of our being. This manual is not only for the sexual active but also for the celibate, for the singles and the committed in partnership, for the experienced and the novices, for the young and the more matured, for the heterosexuals and the homosexuals, for the ones having suffered sexual trauma and for the lucky ones who haven’t…
This book covers the history of sacred sexuality, self awareness and knowledge, techniques for creating a blissful intimacy with the other, for intercourse and for “postplay” or closure.
Dr. Michael Mirdad has masterfully compiled a well balanced, clearly explained, insightful, profound manual to heartful, soulful and all encompassing sexual experiences. I recommend it all heartedly to every reader. I will order many more copies as a gift to my dearest friends and family members. This is my first review for any book and I have a large collection on my shelves; this is how enthralled I am about Michael Mirdad’s teachings on this very touchy subject that concerns us all.
You can’t pass this opportunity to easily incorporate bliss into your life, order your copy ASAP!!!

Elisabeth Light