This is a perfect book to read when you feel like you’re at your wits end and life is NOT going at all the way you want. I really love the way this author and spiritual teacher presents his eye-opening material with straightforward, no nonsense advice on getting to the heart of your distress, and through it!

This easy read is not over fluffed, which I especially appreciated since I was already overwhelmed with the anxiety of feeling stuck, helpless and almost hopeless against the hits I was taking from every area of my life. This book helped me qualify the differences between a mild depression or slump and a full-blown wake up call on a deep level. Everything was going wrong and I learned this major break down is actually labeled “The Dark Night of the Soul”. It was fascinating to read how a crashing life or even an un-happy life is all stemming from built up pain to know God. It was tremendously helpful to learn that I am not alone, as everyone supposedly goes through this at least once in a lifetime, lasting from a few weeks or months to a few years!

Practical, easy to apply specifics are given on how to navigate and even perceive, as painlessly as possible, what’s happening during our darkest hours. The good news is, the author takes you all the way through to the other side, to the light at the end of the tunnel! Tips on how to maintain a better way of living were key factors for me, including simple lifestyle changes to implement consistent spiritual practices.

My very favorite part of the book describes a technique called “stirring the ethers” to help instigate some movement OUT of the uncomfortable phases. You definitely want this book if you, or someone you love is suffering through overwhelming life challenges or a dark night of the soul.

Lena Nowmos