The Dark Night of The Soul
Michael Mirdad has done it again! This beautifully Spiritual man has touched my heart with precision timing in this book.

He immediately reminded me that my Soul (not I) decide when it’s time for me to journey within to discover what still needs to be healed and released. “Those Damned Leaks” tend to set me back because my ego likes to think I have conquered all my issues and then another ‘leak’ shows up. And this well-written timely reminder helps me place forgiveness of self as a priority into my daily life again.

There is so much love to give and so much good to be done in the world, my issues pale in the big picture. I CHOOSE to be part of the light and the darkness cannot change that.

I highly recommend this book to every human being who has ever had a single bad day much less decades of pain. There really IS a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s NOT a train, it’s GOD. I LOVE MY LIFE and Michael Mirdad has been instrumental in reminding me of that by helping me finding God again.

Dosi Loverro