The Dark Night of the Soul may be one of the most helpful books in Michael Mirdad’s long career of teaching and writing spiritually uplifting books (especially during this present time when society, itself, seems to be going through a Dark Night). Ultimately, this insightful, clearly written book explains how “all things work together for good for those who love God”—are awakening to Love’s presence as their True Self. This book addresses all the “ills that flesh is heir to” during the Dark Night and offers a step-by-step method of coping with and advancing beyond such ills to the “Light at the end of the tunnel.” If you know or suspect that you are going through the Dark Night of the Soul; go out into Nature, sit under a tree, and read and contemplate the contents of this helpful, healing book. I highly recommend this book with its clear and practical steps leading to the transformation of the darkness of pain into the Light of spiritual renewal. Additionally, if you know of anyone who might be going through a period of the Dark Night of the Soul, giving them this book could be a Godsend.

Lynne Matous