“In my private session with Michael, I was finally released from bondage. I laughed and cried tears of joy, as it became very apparent to me why I chose a past of multiple marriages and numerous sexual partners. I now understood that what I was searching for was not a relationship but instead was something sacred. I now know I do not have to sacrifice my body or act out in destructive ways to have something sacred. As I write this I can feel this awesome energy flowing through me, which is DIVINE ENERGY, the energy I had been seeking all along. I also now understand why I claimed this year to be my year of new birth. So I choose to no longer misdirect this Divine Energy in destructive manic ways; instead I will allow it to flow and birth the gifts of Spirit through me; Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance, Healthy Relationships, Health, Bliss! Another very important component to my healing was the conversation I had with my daughter on my way home. I was expressing my sincere gratitude for you and how grateful I was for honoring my intuitive voice to attend your workshop and have a private session. My daughter reminded me that I had always said that I wished I could meet a man I could love and respect but without being sexual. Then she pointed out that I have actually had this during the many years I have known you. What you have given to me Michael, no other man has, honor. Thank you for showing me what love and respect truly look like. Now I move forward, honoring myself, knowing what to create for myself. Namaste.”