“Michael, three years ago, I came to Sedona to visit a friend, and to attend the 2012 Festival, sponsored by Unity. I then was able to attend one of your Sacred Services as well. When I stepped into the Unity Sanctuary, the love was palpable to me. I was amazed at how “at home” I felt. When my “guest bead necklace” was given to me, I felt acknowledged, appreciated and valued for who I am, regardless of my past. No one judged me or questioned why I was there. My first thought was, ‘Wow, this is what church is supposed to feel like.’

What a huge responsibility it must be to maintain this type of atmosphere–given the huge egos found in Sedona. Please do your best to maintain this feeling, as it has fed the souls of so many people. Your messages are always thought-provoking while stimulating self-introspection for each of us. I support you in your life of service in teaching the concepts of Christ Consciousness. May your connection to the Divine remain pure and clear, and may you be generously blessed in all ways.”