“Mere words cannot convey the experience that enveloped my soul in your Mastery Workshop. My essence is still ‘glowing with the knowledge & transformational change I experienced while others around me are noticing a significant difference making them very curious about what I did on my vacation! I would definitely say it shifted me into letting go of unhealthy beliefs I’ve held (way too long). I was touched in every area of self€“Physical (feeling healthier & getting back into my body to move & groove as who I really am); Emotionally (feeling that it’s fine to let go of toxic emotions that slowed my vitality); Mentally (knowing I am truly focused, anxiety has lifted & sensing what to say & how to speak with a greater clarity to others); Spiritually (definitely in alignment with God & seeing the synchronicity already in play with all of the above combined). The fluidity of the workshop from the information shared by Michael & with others; hands on learning; delicious meals & relaxing accommodations made me feel safe & at ease to awaken to my real Self. I really felt the connections I made with myself & with others were completely amazing! It felt like I was leaving my ‘soul family when it was time to go home.”

–Cherlyn, TX