“The Healing workshop was MIRACULOUS! I had been waking up for months (and on and off for years) with anxiety, nausea, and knots in my stomach from past trauma’s being re-triggered. The first morning back after the workshop I awoke with an overwhelming sense of peace and was breathing deeper and softer than I had in a long time. I recalled thinking of a particular experience I had during the workshop and I smiled. Deep in my belly I felt love, peace, joy, and wholeness all swirling around like this warm ball of energy. Wow! How did it happen? I’m sure it was a combination of Michael’s exercises, discussions, meditations, body work and tracking. All the while feeling nurtured in this beautiful serene space and eating such lovingly prepared food. It all worked synergistically to access the most important knowledge about my core patterns stemming from a deeply buried core wound. That kind of enlightenment (ah-ha, Oh My God, moment!) is PRICELESS! Thank you Michael, from the bottom of my heart, for your guidance and encouragement in helping me to heal and move on to a better life. I’m also deeply grateful to the other attendees for their courage and strength in facing such painful memories and their dedication to healing their souls. What an honor to hold space with you and be a part of such a beautiful transformation. Everyone looked like a newly-blossomed, radiant rose, by the end of the workshop.”

–Judy, FL