Michael, I just had a session with you last week for the first time and I would like to share the outcome as it has been miraculous. I wasn’t sure what we would cover in our session but you brought up my issues around intimacy. Well, I’ve been married for 11 years but have not been totally satisfied because we have not been spiritually aligned. This created a lot of tension and contributed to me not being able to be myself with him. I have been feeling guided to be completely transparent with him about all of this. I also knew I needed to talk to him about sex as I have been absolutely disgusted with it and still doing it anyways to make him happy. Needless to say, after the session with you, I suddenly felt completely safe and free to be open with him (after holding back for literally years). The following day I talked to him at length about our sex life, and what I needed from him. I purchased your tantric and sacred sexuality book and asked him to read it with me. Well, he has COMPLETELY turned around. He is absolutely a completely different person. He is reading some of your books, and is open to the word God and Divine which he never was before. He is starting to do yoga and now acknowledges that he needs healing word he previously refused to use. I am absolutely blown away. He shared he has felt huge energy openings in his heart. Michael, I need to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I knew that when I started listening to your youtube videos a few months ago that I found the teacher I could trust to be totally authentic and trustworthy. You have answered some of my big questions around spirituality, and I love that you are focused on Christ Consciousness, while not disregarding what appears in this world. My gratitude for you is infinite. Thank you.