“Michael Mirdad is a kind, witty, spirit -filled, intuitive healer and counselor. He came to our Unity church in Virginia back in 2010. When I saw the announcement about his visit, my first thought was to question why he was looking so much like Jesus. By the time he left, I understood. I had my answer. I could tell he was special when he shared his gifts and told stories of his own life that included pain and humor. So I signed up for one of his private sessions but I knew that it was unlikely that I would get a session since it seemed like there were 80,000 people ahead of me. Nevertheless, a miracle happened and I got my session. He opened the session by describing some of my key challenges such as self-doubt. He said that my self-doubt was not debilitating because I knew how to assert myself enough. But it was affecting me and my ultimate success. He then said that I was capable of many things including being an author, healer, speaker or pursuing spiritual ministry. He also took me back to my childhood and explained the issues that most hurt me. He explained how the wounded child inside of me was causing me to choose unhealthy partnerships. He added that the man in my life at that time was not evolved and that the relationship was not for my higher good. He then said that the reason I was with him was because my inner child didn’t want to be alone and lonely. He told me not to accept that relationship. Soon after, the relationship ended. Then Michael brought me through a visualization that involved me meeting a healthier person partner. He also had me visualize expressing the hurts that my parents caused me and then say goodbye to them. I cried huge tears of sadness, anger and loneliness. Michael consoled me as I processed through the pain and tears that I cried. It was a release like no other. I believe Michael is a miracle worker, and now I am a follower of the man who looks like and acts like Jesus—especially through his kindness. And that kindness was ever present in my session with him. It was truly a healing experience that I needed so badly. Everything Michael said in our session was spot on.  It was an enlightening experience with a tearful release. Much of my emotional pain dissipated after that session. The shift was nothing short of miraculous and I am forever grateful.”

~DC (award-winning author)