“Every time I’ve attended a workshop at Avalon, I feel as if the entire time has been scripted especially for me, from the teaching/exercises, to the fellow attendees, even down to the weather and nature. What a beautiful blend of energy coming together to help me heal, to help me to grow, to help me see that God is all around me, not somewhere else waiting for me. This workshop was the best! The group seemed to blend so easily together. As always, Michael conducted the workshop with just the right amount of balance, some difficult, challenging moments (namely the emotional harvesting) and some wonderful, soft moments (massages). Again, I am amazed at the amount of ground we cover is such a short period of time. Surely we were there for several weeks, not just several days. I found all of the exercises extremely helpful in the healing process. As far as the bioenergetics exercises, I found them to be very effective . . . not always enjoyable , but very effective. I also enjoyed learning EFT . . . I love that it’s such a simple process which gives dramatic results.”

–Sally, TX