“The Healing Intensive is the 3rd of Michael Mirdad’s workshops that I have attended. Each has been wonderful with its own unique emphasis and some commonalities. Each time I return home feeling deeply and permanently transformed to a greater level of peace, integration, strength, clarity, ease and love in my life and relationships. I am so grateful! I love the energy at The Avalon Retreat Center! The creek, the woods, the labyrinth, landscaping, and fountains all lend to a peaceful, grounding and magical environment perfect for the workshops. I always enjoy the movement exercises” yoga, qigong, breath work and dance. The meditations were beautiful and rich. Highlights of the course work for me include learning acupressure, a deeper understanding of cranio-sacral therapy, and increased understanding and application of tracking exercises. I especially value the clear, distilled system for attaining deep, whole being, soul-level healing. I love how Michael revisits and ties together the commonalities of the teachings in just the right amount. Overall, I appreciate how simple, streamlined and yet profound each of the teachings are, making it easy to integrate the totality of the learning into daily life and healing work. Also very meaningful to me are all of the staff and attendee contributions. I am so impressed and grateful for each soul’s willingness to show up with their gifts, and candidly with their challenges alike. I loved seeing people who didn’t consider themselves healers or intuitive drop in and share their gifts easily with each of the exercises. The container and each soul’s presence provided a safe place to go deep, balanced with a lot of play and levity. I am so grateful for the time with each of you and hope to deepen our connection as we continue on our journey.”

–Kristen, OR