“Michael: Today is Sunday and I was watching two of my favorite sermons by you on YouTube and let me say that you are the real deal. I saw that from the first time I met you years ago. I have seen and heard other people give talks and facilitate workshops, they can’t even come close to you. I have lived in, and traveled to, many countries and you are the most advanced individual that I have come across. You have been and you continue doing excellent work and so many people out there recognize that. I am also very proud of the kind of father that you were to your kids while they were growing up and of the fact that you are good friends with your ex-wife. That is awesome. You are doing fabulous work and the people that meet you are truly blessed to have you around. I very much enjoy listening to your videos and recommend them to my honey and to my close friends, who all adore you by the way. Please make more videos of your sermons available on YouTube. That would be awesome! And when it comes to people out there who feel threatened by who you are or what you teach, don’t ever let the jealous people dim your divine light. Your light is extremely bright, your soul has earned that brightness. You chose to incarnate to teach humanity and to heal them through your teachings. You are so awesome.”